Calling out to the Authors and Writers!! Special Announcement!


Well friends, after having got published, I realized that authors like me, new and inexperienced, who are trying to fulfill their dreams of becoming authors and writers, need  a platform for promotion and increasing our reader base. I came across a page recently which seems to be helpful.

I am hopeful that you and I, will be able to benefit by it. This is their profile, and can be found on Facebook. 


Are you seeking promotion and readership? 

If yes, we have an offer for you. If you can help us spread the word, you will also be benefitted. 

We are opening a free library where we will stock books by both independent and traditionally published authors. People will get to read books for free and we will conduct book reading, book launch initially. We are planning for literary festivals too. 

Book reviews too will be provided on the common platforms – Amazon and Goodreads. The reviews will be done by The Bibliophili Team on their blog. The other reviewers will post reviews on their blogs.

Commonly, indie authors are not invited to literary festivals held by book giants, so we plan to do it for them. We hope to provide a platform for the authors to help them get confident about their book. 

Authors joining us will have to be serious about their book and work for mutual benefits. And as this is a non profit making library, we just require authors to donate 2-5 copies of their books. The concept is to bring all authors under one roof and eliminate the differences between self and traditional publishing. 

It is open to authors from all over the world. 

Let’s create a home for the writer in us to share, ask, suggest and grow. 

All those who are interested to join the community for bringing about a change and joining hands in this, can join us here

**You can reach out to me too in case there is any query or leave a message for the group admin. Join in and let’s walk in this together. 😀

Love and best wishes!



7 thoughts on “Calling out to the Authors and Writers!! Special Announcement!

  1. This looks like an interesting idea. Who will do the reviews?

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    1. Hi Cynthia.
      Officially, The Bibliophili team ( the link is in the blogpost, you can check them out) will be doing the reviews. I will share them and put up my review on my blog! 😄
      Hope to see you onboard!

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      1. I’m not quite published yet but getting close to the release date for my first picture book. I will check it out!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Cynthia. Sure, do join in, maybe a pre-release work can be planned! 😊

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  2. sounds good, I’m in 🙂

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  3. Wonderful Didi. Thank you humare bare me sochne ke liye. 😻😺


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