The Wise Age

Just when I feel, I’m running out of thoughts, my dearest friend Sarah comes and wakes me from my slumber. Here’s what I wrote for the wonderful drawing she shared with me!!
Hope you’ll like it!

Lots of love and best wishes. . .

Art Expedition

I´m very proud to present another collaboration that combines the wonderful words of my dear friend and writer Syeda with one of my drawings! 🙂

The Wise Age

Standing in the alley

I watch them play around

Little kids whom I saw

Puking in their mother’s arms.

I watch the little hands

That held mine and learnt to walk

Today cross their ways past me hastily

Avoiding me, unwilling to acknowledge.

These old wrinkly hands and face

Are not something I would want to lose

They have come to be, after all

The wars and struggles I’ve fought.

They are the marks of my victory

Of having emerged out of the abyss.

                                                           -by Syeda Faiza Rasheed


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9 thoughts on “The Wise Age

  1. Brilliant lines to go with a brilliant drawing. Nice work Syeda. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Chris!
      Sarah’s work really inspires me a lot, specially when I am unable to write up anything. 😀

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  2. That’s great!! Hats off for the drawing. Cheers!!

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  3. If that is the result of having you awakened from your slumber, I fear you need to take a nap more often 😉 Though actually that isn´t true, I have a feeling those beautiful words all lie waiting in your beautiful head and just wait for the right moment to come out… 🙂 I´m so very honoured to have you as my friend and I´m so glad we worked together as a team again! Lots of love my wonderful Syeda! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

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    1. hahaha!! I really hope they stay there and do not get lost or rust away due to my work. It’s really a great blessing to have such a lovely person like you as my friend. We’ll work again soon, but for now, take care of your beautiful eyes. Lotsssssssss of love dear!!!!


  4. It’s beautiful, gives more than one message my favorite part is “they are my sign of victory”

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    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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