Paperback dream comes true! 

Hello friends!

How are you all?

 Things are finally today on a peaceful and steady track! 

Today marks the beginning of my share of holidays. Schools have holidays for the upcoming festival of Dussehra and I get a little time to read and write. 

Apart from that, a tiny message came in my inbox and changed the mood in the evening! Filled me with joy and excitement. 

Wondering what it must have been about? 😓😓😓:roll::roll:

Cmon I just can’t stay without sharing with you guys.. So… Here it is!

With the eBook of my poems already on, I was thrilled to hear from Woven Words Publishers, when they showed inclination to publish it. 

It was a dream come true. It meant I could finally hope to see it on paper and hold it in my anxious hands. With a few more discussions on mails, my dream was set to take shape. 

Aaaaannnnnnd today…….. finally, I received the message that it is available for purchase! 

Here’s the new cover and blurb… *heartbeat speeds up…drum rolls please* 😄😄😄

You can place your orders on Amazon India here.

Hoping the ones who purchase it really have a nice time reading them. Hope to keep my writing move steadily. Hope to see dreams of yours and mine come true. Hoping to do it with you all by my side. Lots of hopes and dreams. Stay with me my lovely friends!

Stay happy and blessed!

Lots of love and best wishes to all!



8 thoughts on “Paperback dream comes true! 

  1. Wow! Great news! Keep going 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Ma’am.. ☺

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  3. Congratulations!!!!!

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  4. Thts wonderful dear…so proud to be your student..goddd cant express ma happiness…very happy fr u dear..keep writing..good luck.

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