This Time it’s Forever by Aditi Ray Bose – Book Review

Love is the power that fills you with many feelings, hopes, expectations, butterflies and strength. Yet, it can make you feel helpless and wrecked once it steps away or is lost. 

Those were exactly my thoughts as I finished reading the book, I am going to review today for you all! So here it is….


When Aisha Ahuja receives an SMS from Arunavo Banerjee, almost a year after he had walked away from her, asking her for a restart, she is initially unable to decide what to do. But she finally relents.

As Aisha flies from Mumbai to Delhi, memories flood her mind. And she re-lives her relationship with Arunavo all over again. She is no wistful of what had happened in the past and hopeful of the future. 

However what unfold when she finally sees him in the evening is something that is very unexpected. 

When it comes to love, what is ‘forever’? Through a journey of friendship, love, tears, and acceptance, this romance novel sees the author challenging our understanding of ‘forever’. 


The story begins with Aisha’s anxiety about going to see Arunavo. As pages turn, it adds suspense, as to what had happened in the first place between them. Gradually the story unfolds, and the characters become clearer and the events unroll during the flight Aisha has taken for Delhi. 

The story is a flashback approach where Aisha recollects the beautiful moments of love and laughter they both had shared. You feel the characters getting deeper and real as the story proceeds. Kudos for Aditi for being able to do that! 

The only little thing which flustered me was the way Aisha is so willing to give herself to him, while he keeps initiating proximity and then ends it with the same words. I mean, Aisha is quite a strong woman, but as I read it, she kind of reminded me of Anastasia from 50 Shades of Grey. I mean “too-willing-to-fall-into-his-arms” kind! Other than that, nothing else is like the E.L. James book. ( I am stating this, as I had tried reading the book, but reading those words where in her mind she keeps doing somersaults, totally flipped me out! 😒😒)

On the whole, a wonderful piece of work by Aditi. Congratulations on your second one, and thanks for the copy!

Keep writing and sharing stories with us!

Hope you all liked reading the review! Do check out the book here

Lots of love to all! Happy Sunday! Stay happy and blessed!



4 thoughts on “This Time it’s Forever by Aditi Ray Bose – Book Review

  1. I really enjoyed this review…thank you for sharing…you have a wonderful way with words 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading the review and for the kind words for me. 😄😄

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  2. Thank you so much for reviewing my book 🙂

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