A Kiss at Christmastide by Christina McKnight – Book Review

Greetings to all!

Wondering what I am doing at this hour on my blog (it is about 4pm Indian standard time and I am rarely here at this time. Often this time I spend commuting back home!) Well, I was on leave today due to some work and that gave me a chance to finish what I had started yesterday. 

Any guess?? 😄😄;););)

If you’ve read my previous post you’d know what I was reading. Yes! I finished reading A Kiss at Christmastide by Chrisina McKnight.

The blurb and cover I had shared yesterday. Sharing it today too!

And here is my review.

The life of Lady Pippa has been effected by the change in the behavior of her best friend, Lady Natalie. From friends who shared every little secret and time together, to the time where they were happy without being in each other’s presence. What is it that caused things to change? Why did friendship end as time passed? 

And then an unexpected guest, Lucas, the Lord of Maddox arrives at Lady Pippa’s house. Seeking shelter in an unavoidable situation, he turns over the whole world for Pippa. Is he really who he says he is? Is he really as deplorable as he claims to be? What is the darkness in his eyes? 

The regency romance novella is really endearing. The story was simple and smoothly set. I had a good time reading it and at 176 pages, it is the right dose of romance I needed as I haven’t been able to read any regency romance since some time now. Feeling rejuvenated with the romance injected, the frills and baking, the land of Lords and Ladies, the snow and storm, and the obnoxious yet misunderstood Lord and the soft spoken and kind Lady. 

The way the story unfolds and the little secrets which are disclosed as the pages turn, make it an enjoyable read. Set up with a short time frame, the feelings and thoughts of the protagonists makes the story feel a little like a fairy tale with the ‘kiss under the mistletoe’ thought ruling the hearts!

If you like reading regency romance, and you throw away all the practical acceptability of things and are not looking for a realistic approach at things, this one surely deserves a shot! Impressed by Christina’s writing.

I am happy I can be of some help to indie writers. Wish I could help many more by reading and reviewing their books. 🙂

Lots of love to all! Stay happy and blessed! 

Keep reading and writing dearies!😘😘



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