The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka – Book Review

Hi everyone,

Going ahead with my reading and reviewing spree, the one I finished today was an amazing murder mystery. A short one compared to the world famous writers of the thriller genre, but kept  me hooked.

This one’s titled The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka.



Dishonorably discharged from the police force, Roy has been condemned to a life of obscurity. However, when a well-known man from within the Mumbai finance circle is found dead, Roy is hired by the self made magnate Jayesh Kumar to probe the case. While Roy is excited at the chance at redemption, he can’t shake off the feeling that he is being played as a pawn.
What looks at first an open and shut case, quite rapidly evolves into a tale of deceit and revenge. As his personal life gets tied to the success of the case, the question becomes, not whether he can have faith in strangers, but whether he can trust his friends.


The Monsoon Murders is a fast paced detective novel, which keeps you engrossed in the mystery till the end. The story revolves around the murder of a successful businessman Arun. The first suspect is the quiet and gloomy sister. As the story proceeds the protagonist, Roy, seems to have solved the case, yet he is not convinced of it. The suspects keep changing as people keep entering the story. The plot thickens when there is another murder, leaving us sure that something is just not as straight as it seems.

What is it that’s missing here? What is the reason of the murders being committed? Is what you see really the truth? Does truth solve issues of the human psychology? Are you always on the right? How do you know you’re correct when you take a stand?

The novel keeps getting intense as you reach the middle and you just can’t put it down unless you know who committed the crimes and why. Indeed, that’s a reason why well written thrillers are hard to put down. A really enjoyable read all along.

If you are planning for a thriller to end up in lesser time while you travel, this one should come in real handy!! Hope the writer is soon back with more stories with the hero, Roy.

You can order it here: The Monsoon Murders

Hope you enjoyed the review.

Best wishes!



4 thoughts on “The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka – Book Review

  1. Sounds awesome! I love a good murder mystery… 😉

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