Elements of life by Inderjit Kaur – Book Review

Elements of life by Inderjit Kaur is the latest book I have read. Below you may as well find my review of the book.

Blurb: via Amazon

“How much do we know ourselves is critically very important and perhaps very essential.
In life we do face many curves up and down while in course of life. Marriage, becoming parent, life traumas and recoveries, retiring from jobs, empty nest, loss of relations, death of beloved.
So yes various experiences…
We get tired sometimes and immediately ask a question “why me?”, but do remember the universe is not short of any wakeup calls we are just very quick in reactions.

The four elements of life Air, Water, Earth, Fire are the only truth which than render the whole meaning of being as a human. Are we authentic? Are we living in courage? Are we kind and in patience? Are we grateful? How we face life and respond to life is all that matters.
Elements of Life explores the options and choices which will help you to live more in tune with what you want from life. Motivational chapters simple questions based on elements of life – air, fire, water and earth providing simple strategies of life help you to live in harmony with yourself, others and the world, enhancing you to be true to your values and to interact with others while being In more patience. To do otherwise is to foster discontentment and unhappiness, but everyone wants to be in peace and lead a happy life in the end of the day. Living in moderation balancing all the elements of being authentic, being in peace, being grateful, being a little more compassionate can improve the very purpose of being in this awesome life.”


There are few self help books which I have read, and this happens to be one of them. The high dosage of “heavy weighing words” basically makes me stay away from these kinds of books. So, when I picked this up, I was really anxious to know if it would make me flip through the pages without understanding the message and essence. Fortunately, my conception was proved wrong.

The book talks in simple words about the way we see life, the way life should be seen and the way we can make them become one! When our hope and reality can merge as one, only then we are focused on living life and seeking peace. The simple messages and vivid descriptions make the book an interesting read. The lines really leave an impact on our thoughts and should bring out the needed change in the personalities. 

As a teacher this book is really one I am glad to add to my collection. Inderjit’s quotes are indeed something to lace our thoughts and deeds/actions. 

P.S. I am currently preparing a script for myself as I will be co-hosting an event at school. And this book is really helping me in doing so. I’d like to thank Inderjit for bringing forth such a wonderful piece of work. Indeed an asset to hold! 

P.S.S. I was ready with the above for the last two days. Wasn’t able to post it as my internet wasn’t working. My programme was today and I must say, the thoughts I picked after reading the book were really appreciated, so this one is a review with a big THANKS to the author for that! 🙂

Stay blessed and happy all!



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