Cry of My Nation

My poem on the occasion of Indian independence day!

The Scribbler

Your ancestors allowed them to cruise within,

When I was in my gloriest times

Citing reasons being official and trade,

They crossed the threshold with evil intent,
They plundered my wealth, killed my sons.

Broke trusts, shattered souls of mothers ,

Violated my daughters, turned my fields to graves,

Laid their empire’s base on my bleeding land,
For decades my sons fought for my freedom.

My daughters laid down their dignity and life,

Blood flowed from north to south, east and west,

Bodies fell with bullets adorned, annihilated.
Finally men of might brought in my independence,

But not without more loss, when parts of me were cut down

Limbless I hoped matters would become better,

With woeful tears in eyes, I rejoiced for my new status.
Days passed into months, years became decades;

Today again I see bloodshed, my sons fight among themselves,

I see my daughters raped and slaughtered…

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