Q&A/Author Interview with Xane J. Fisher

Hello everyone!

So as the winner of the BoyzNite giveaway, I had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the author Xane J. Fisher.

Finally the second interview for my blog! You can read my review here. You can purchase the short story from Amazon here.

So here is our Q and A:

1. BoyzNite had a tag line which really left a mark on me, Living is easy with eyes closed. Whose suggestion or line was it?

Xane: So originally I did not have a tag line, but I knew I needed one. So I went to my best friend/wife who helped me bounce ideas. Neither of us could come up with anything that really embodied this story, and then I saw a Beatles quote she had tattooed on her a few years back. That’s honestly where it came from. It’s a line from Strawberry Fields Forever, and it was just too perfect to pass up. I admit I am a music fiend.

2. Have you encountered such a situation/incident in real life?

Xane: Yes and No. I’ve experienced parties like that before, but usually as the Wallflower in the back. Truthfully, I’m not a patron of such practices. My kind of party is wild, but we keep our clothes on. That being said, I have had friends and loved ones that did experience those kinds of events first hand.

3. What is the genre you read? Which genre you prefer while writing?

Xane: Oh I’m a horror junkie. I love a good nightmare. When it comes to writing I really enjoy Gothic romance and horror. I don’t mean Gothic romance in a typical cliche dime store way, I mean like Frankenstein. Where the emotion runs high and people drive the story. 

4. Do have plans to write the whole story of Ian Peters and Kristen?

Xane: Eventually sure. Right now? I have other projects going on. To be honest, I love telling stories, and part of that passion is knowing when and how to tell them. Ian and Kristen have a story but rushing it would spoil the end product and I owe it to myself and my fans to deliver the best I can. ( I am one of them waiting!)

5. What made you decide to go for publishing BoyzNite?

Xane: So this story came to me on a drive home from work and it took me by storm. I had to tell it, but publishing was a different animal. I’ve always wanted to write, entertain, and create something for people to enjoy. Despite the nobility, it’s an incredibly hard industry to break into and so I knew I needed a story that would put me on the map. Luckily this one grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I chose to publish it for a few reasons:

1. It’s a narrative that needs to be told. Too many young men in America deal with this kind of thing but can’t communicate or understand it in a healthy way.

2. People need to understand that like the Buddha and Nietzsche said, existence is to suffer. We need to choose our sufferings wisely…and

3. I needed a foot in the door to be honest. If I want my stories to be read, I have to start somewhere. (Loved this answer!)

6. A genre you prefer not to read?

Xane: Oh, Umm…as of right now? No. I love to read many different things for many different needs.

7. As a writer, which is the daunting task? Writing/editing/looking for an agent/self publishing/traditional publishing/marketing?

Xane: Oh the traditional publishing was the most daunting. See, a writer can jabber on all day about a story and even think they’ve written the next Ulysses. Heck, with the right editors they could convince others it’s that good as well, but in the end the publisher is the GateKeeper. They read the markets, they anticipate reader’s desires and it’s easy for an amateur to make mistakes. So when I click ‘submit’ there is a huge amount of breath holding until I get a response. See, rejection is inevitable. Not everything you do will be loved universally and that’s cool. It’s those moments when your GateKeeper gets real quiet and you can feel them tumbling your story like a Rubik’s cube in a dryer around in their heads, as they answer the ultimate question “Do I want to take a chance on this person’s story?” Whew. That is the most anxious point for me. (This kinda worries me, all over again!!)

8. The story of Ian seems like any other guy who is unaware of the happenings of those around him. Any particular incident or person you had in mind when you wrote him?

Xane: Yup. I’ve seen it happen to myself and people I work with every day for the last decade. Most people don’t intend to do bad things, they’re just too caught up in what they want and fail to see the damage they do. I thought of every middle of the road guy I ever knew growing up. 

9. What are your future plans?

Xane: Well I have a novel I’m actively working on, it’s a little different, but a whole lot of fun. This next year I’ll be going through some career changes which might take my pen from the paper for a bit but ultimately, I plan to produce stories for people to enjoy. (Realllllly hope it won’t be a long time away from the pen for you Xane!)

10. Answers that come to mind/Rapid Fire round:
a: Favourite book? This is a hard one!!! I’ll go with Pet Sematary for now
b: Favourite writer? Either Stephen King, Claudia Grey, or H.P. Lovecraft
c: Favourite band/singer? Ugh this one isn’t fair!!! I’m a junkie for good music. Right now? FIDLAR 
d: Favourite food/drink? Pizza and Absinthe
e: I can’t live without…. Paper. It’s probably one of the greatest tools humans have ever created.
f: My inspiration… Love. I am moved by passions and human pursuit of them.
g: A book I wish I had written… Oh easily Pet Sematary
h: A book I am glad I did not write… 50 Shades of Grey…Sorry folks, I know I could write a better erotica novel. 
i: The dream I wish comes true… Standing in line at a Barnes and Nobles and seeing someone with one of my books under their arm as they approach the check out counter
j: If I could swap places with someone, it would be….The Joker
Lastly, a message for new and aspiring writers (like me!): Pen. Paper. Write. Keep writing. Even if it sucks and you know it. Keep writing. Read something ridiculously outside your wheelhouse. Never stop consuming and producing your craft.

Wooooohhh!! Loved all those answers Xane. Thank you so much for taking out time and joining me in the Q&A. Best wishes for all your future endeavors. Stay happy and blessed!

So folks, that’s it!! Hope you all liked to know more about Xane. Do check him out.

Thanks for coming by! Lots of love and best wishes for all!



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