Thank you!

A short story of mine on The Scribblers.
Sometimes you need to stand firmly to make things work out. Sometimes you need to make a little effort, take that little step. Trust me, no feeling better than that!
Hope you’ll like it! Thanks!
–Syeda FR

The Scribbler

Sitting alone in the hall, I waited. I waited for long. And then she stepped out of the room and approached me. A little glow on her face, brought back hope to my heart. Yet doctors and nurses could bring in life and death with the same composure.

As she stepped closer to me, I prayed, Lord please don’t dishearten me now. Please don’t break our hearts and our faith in you. Please! Please!


Congratulations sir. You are a father now! The nurse said with pride… the way he was awaiting to feel, for the last five years.

His heart skipped a beat and he looked behind him. He saw his mother looking back at him, with a smile spread on her face. A serene smile stayed there.

How is she? He asked her, softly and calmly. He couldn’t afford to sound too concerned about her.

Areyyy! What are…

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