‘Cause of you!

Finallllly I am done with the test papers! Next on the list of responsibilities is the preparation of result and report cards for the test conducted. 😒😒

After that is the task of conducting Declamation Contest for the students. Goodness! Selecting good speeches is such an upheaval task. I mean content, context, relevance to children and their mindsets and then the selection of inspiring and ‘good’ celebrities, all these are to be kept in mind while selection of speeches. 😟😰

Anyways as that shows my hectically-maddening next days, I can’t help but apologize to all for not reading your efforts. 😦

And it was sweet of you all to read up whatever little I was posting. Thanks a lot dears.😍😘

A little poem while I go:

The little steps and nudges

The soft whispers of faith

The tiny flame of hope flickers

When friends like you walk along.

When times may turn against me

Or wash me down with pain

When no one in this world trusts me

I will look up to your eyes.

I know there won’t be questions in them

They won’t have hatred or angst for me

The pain and venom thrown at me

Your love and faith will bequeath me the power!



2 thoughts on “‘Cause of you!

  1. Great poem syeda Congrats on finishing your papers ☺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Lion. Corrections are the only thing I dread in my job! 😒😦

      Liked by 1 person

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