A little effort for the menfolk out there.
Crying isn’t synonymous to women, it is human feeling. This one is for those men, who don’t try to hide those tears and those who try to hide them!
Hope the men around like it too! Shared via The Scribblers. Do check it out.
Lots of love to all!
Happy Sunday lovelies.😍😍

The Scribbler

Don’t cry, no tears they said,

Weeping is the sign of the weak.

Those words kept resonating in my head,

I was a strong breed, not one of the meek.
Boys don’t wail and hurt, they made me believe,

The hardest blow I’d take and try hard to smile.

No need to sit back and no hurt worthy to grieve,

Ages I passed accepting it, crossed several miles.
But then, I fell weak, for one day, I cried,

It didn’t make me helpless nor was I outcast.

Those flowing tears made me know I hadn’t yet died,

The pain is temporary, not forever will it last!
Is the pain of a man different from a woman’s?

Does the heart not cry  similarly in both forms?

Do falling tears make me lesser a man?

Why this taboo and why conceal unleashed storms?
My tears don’t effect my manhood, my existence,


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