When Angels Touch!

A story I had written nearly a year ago. Times and thoughts have changed since then. A hobby now has turned into a passion… A fluctuating passion ’cause of my day job!
Do share about the changes you notice in my writings – then and now.
Thanks for reading!
Best wishes and love!

Syeda F.R.

Shaurya knew he was going to hate the day today!How awful he felt! But he had to pretend that he was happy. He was 9 years old and he already felt like he was nobody in this house.

He saw the whole house go mad. He never understood why there was so much of hue and cry. What was the big deal? Huh! Elders are so selfish, so self centered, he thought. He had seen his grandmothers-both paternal and maternal- go ga-ga about it. He saw his aunts on both sides go hysteric about it.

He saw his mother spend sleepless nights and his father make uncountable plans. He was part of it all. But he wasn’t happy. He was tired. He was exhausted. He was annoyed and despised all for it.

He didn’t say a word to anyone. He tried to show that he was one of them in…

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