Yours Truly! (10)

Now moving to Yours Truly Part (10).

You may check the  other parts of Yours Truly. Now we have part 10…..

I sat silently in the car while Dad drove us to Uncle Rod’s house. It was getting darker outside. A thundering storm lay ahead of us. An equally huge one lay within me. Dad didn’t prefer to take the short cut, for then he would have to drive across the office premises.  As we passed across the famous La Meridian Banquet hall, my eyes flicked on the board announcing the event within.

It was a tie up celebration. The names of the company looked similar and then it hit me, it was John’s company’s celebration tonight. I just wanted to step down and see what was happening, see how John was, have a look at the arrangements which he dreaded looking into, choose the tapestries, the drapes, the cutlery and the wine glasses. While those thoughts formed in my mind and the ache began to rise in my heart, dad took a steep curve at the corner of the road and the distance between our vehicle and John’s celebratory spot kept increasing. Till finally we were out of the town limits.

Staring into the blankness, I rested my head on Mom’s shoulder. Nothing was registering in my mind. My eyes saw everything yet they had seen nothing. Things passed across my eyes, but none were in my vision. My blurred vision, was only seeing one face, one smile, one figure, and one man!

After about three hours we reached Uncle Rod’s house. Uncle Rod lived far from the town limits, for he was more into gardening and farming. The little he grew at his farmhouse was enough to sustain Uncle Rod and his wife. He had no children. And he wasn’t in any hurry to have them soon either. I had a little water and washed my face with the remaining water. I didn’t want Uncle Rod to see me in that state. He was a rather cool tempered man, but his love for his favourite people sometimes led to him getting involved in unwanted scuffles.

The car screeched to a stop, Mom, Dad and I had just stepped out, when we heard loud rejoicing shouts of Uncle. He rushed quickly and carried inside the marinating chicken Mom had brought, and the cake we had bought from the bakery near home. Uncle Rod had a jawful of sweet teeth. A cake for him and you could ask him for a huge return, and the man would happily oblige. When I walked slowly and hugged him, he held me closer and tighter than usual.

The gong of the huge grandfather clock inside clung with a loud noise as it announced the time as 7 pm. 

7pm. Time for final touches to the arrangements. Food, drinks, valet parking and the waiters and waitresses. 

I stepped in to the aroma of coffee brewing inside. With no mood to get into any of the chatter happening, I went into the kitchen and started arranging the cups and poured the coffee for everyone.

I took my coffee and sat on the porch of Uncle Rod’s house as all the older people were checking on the happenings of their and their relative’s lifes. I always felt out of place here, but I loved to come and see Mom connect to her brother. Being a single child, sometimes seemed like a blessing but sometimes it was awfully lonely. At times like today!

The clouds seemed to grumble, the lightning struck through the sky, rain drops impregnated the clouds heavily. The clouds just waiting for the water to break!

If it rains, the guests might just waver out. If the guests don’t come, the party might just not be up to the mark. 

Oh God! Not  now! Even before I knew the prayers rose from my heart and escaped from the lips.

I sat there seeing the turmoils of the sky, the tempestuous clouds just on the verge of pouring out its contents. I slowly got up to keep the cup inside and walked through the hallway into the kitchen. All of them sat in the hall talking about their old sweet times. Just then, Mom’s mobile rang. She walked towards me, holding her mobile piece between her shoulder jaw. Some call maybe from her office. I walked back to the place I had been occupying, and sat on the wooden swing just outside the door. The petrichorial smell reached my nose and filled me with a strange joy and peace. 

As I saw the clouds cry like me, I felt so close to those white fluffy clouds. Just like me, they had tried hard to stay strong, but then their saturation point was reached and they burst releasing drops of rain.

Mom came out where I sat and ruffled my loose hair. She kissed on the back of my head and murmured softly to me, I love you honey!

A smile spread on my face and I replied, I love you too Mom!

She walked away inside and I sat there, alone and sad. I was allowed some peace, that was unusual if you came to Uncle Rod’s house. But today was an exception.

It was 8pm now, the guests might have started trickling in. Seeing the clouds and the rain, most of them might have kept to the timings John must have set for the party. I could feel the rush of adrenaline, as my thoughts kept drifting to John.

I helped Mom ready the chicken for dinner. I helped aunt with her ginger bread. We three womenfolk were in the kitchen, while dad and uncle Rod sat watching football.

8pm! Food and drinks would have been served now. 

And in an hour or so, John would announce about it and the tie up would become all official.

We sat and had dinner. It was nice to listen to all of them narrate incidents of their early life. The fun of being a child, with no responsibility or worry, the times of their childlhood and other things.

After dinner we sat and watched television while aunt sat with mom and watched the Desperate Housewives reruns on some channel. Wonder what they found interesting enough to sit and watch it so closely!

9pm. Announcements made. Toasts risen. Celebrations begin. John beaming with joy. 

I had been moved away physically but deep inside in my thoughts and emotions were all linked to John.

Sitting on my favourite spot at uncle Rod’s place, under the extended roof, watching the raindrops fall and quench the thirst of the dry ground, gave me a newly energized feeling.

As the rain kept falling, everything became a blur of vision. From far I saw a light blink. It was moving forwards. The rain was stopping the light from proceeding forward. The light was from the headlights of the car. They seemed to be driven by some maniac, who was unable to control them and kept taking curves all along. Somehow it felt as though it was focussed and was seeing nothing and nothing else was on their mind. The car came straight towards the house. 

Stepping out of the car, was him!

What was he here for? What made him come here? Why did the moving car stop a few feet away from Uncle Rod’s farmhouse? How did he know, she was here? Hows and whys collected in her mind and heart. And again she was asking herself what was he here for? 

P.S. – This story doesn’t seem to end like my other short stories. Just seems to get longer and longer. 😌😮

Hope you all enjoyed this and the parts that will follow.  Thanks for reading.

Lots of love and best wishes! 



11 thoughts on “Yours Truly! (10)

  1. Another great addition to the bigger picture.
    The way you added thoughts about what was happening at the celebration while on the farm was really good, gave it a dual timeline effect.
    Some great imagery and descriptions especially with the clouds.
    And an ending to keep the suspense going.
    Keep it going Syeda ☺☺

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Feverish! Words of essays by students are reeling and rolling in front of my eyes.
        Oh! It just began to rain here. Days are being sunny and nights cool with rains.
        Why off from projects or stories? All’s well?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful new chapter, Syeda!! 🙂 Love that uncle Rod has a sweet tooth – just like me 😉 And I also liked this double-time line Lion mentioned – very cool 🙂 You described perfectly how the weather reflects her mood, love it!!! Have a beautiful weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S. Already waiting for the next chapter! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear! You and Lion are ever kind to me! 😊
      Yes I am dying to get on to the next chapter. Waiting to see what John and Sandra end up doing. Hope to do it soon! 😄😄😋😋

      Liked by 1 person

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