News for Authors/Writers out there! 

Hi all,

Sunday’s finally here and I have a busy day ahead. Going to be playing host at my brother-in-laws house warming party. Fortunately it is a lunch party, yet I have no idea when we will be back. And my luck and time are always in shortage when I have to correct/assess the answer scripts of the tests or examinations conducted at school! :o:o:o

I love the job, but I hate these corrections! 😨😨😨:'(

Anyways, moving on, today I would like to share with you a little information.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to this. Maybe in future I may write for them, but as of now, it is just a friendly step to promote and share with all. No bribing or financial transactions occurred. Please do not hold me responsible for any negative experience of yours with them. My intention is only to help a new place grow. If any previous unpleasant experiences you’ve had, do share it. 😅😂

This is about a new publishing house that has started working in India. They were going with self publishing but now are going the traditional publishing way.

The Woven Words Publishers can be reached via their Facebook page or their website: 

The rest of the information in case you’d want to get your work published can be found on the website. I repeat, they do have self publishing option and are moving into traditional. Feel free to contact them. 

Please keep in mind that I am in no terms connected to this place/people. I was approached by them to share with my friends, and that’s just what I am doing. 😋

Stay happy and safe!

May the Lord keep all blessed under His mercy!

Wish me and my poor student luck for my marking/corrections!

Love and best wishes!



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