Love is in the rain.

Didn’t get to write anything as such today, so rebogging a short story of mine! Not in a romantic mood myself but always feels good to spread some love around!
Stay happy and blessed!

Syeda F.R.


I knew I was in trouble. It was raining. Oh no! It was like the clouds pouring water like taps of theirs left open uncontrollably. The night was getting darker. That is another big problem when it rains, it looks more darker than it actually is. I knew he wouldn’t be mad at me but I hated myself for making him wait. I hoped he was under some shelter and not standing there getting all drenched. With Charlie, you never know what he’d be up to!

I stepped out of the bus, an already over-crowded one. Pushing my way out through the people, I managed to step down in single piece, holding on to my purse, as though it had a treasure. Well it did. It had the keys to the house, my darling -i.e. my mobile phone – and my wallet, having the pictures of the people whom I…

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