Silenced Cries. . .

A poem by me! Hope you’ll like it!

The Scribbler

Picking up pebbles you threw at me
I reflect on your different faces I see
When you want me and get desirous,
Doing what you want, being all monstrous.

Not a whimper nor a tear of mine,
That streaky stain and teary line
Didn’t matter as you fulfilled your need
No remorse or regret for your heinous deed.

People know and talk about molestation
But where do I go and show my abrasion
The wounds inflicted on my body and soul
Thrust as shrapnels piercing deep holes.

Where you believe it is your right
To use my body as per your need and might.
Who will listen to those weeping heart and eyes
Within rituals who is shackled with silenced cries.

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