Spreading Joy, This Eid!

A short story written by me on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. Do visit the other site and read the complete story. . . .
Really hope you’ll like it! 🙂
— S.F.R.

The Scribbler

It was the 29th day of Ramadhan. Washing the dishes, she was lost in her thoughts. Most of the dishes were of crystal glass, some brand Bibi ji said which she always found difficult to pronounce or remember.
How was she going to tell the children?
What would she take home for them?
Aliyaaaaa! How many times should I tell you to be careful when you wash the dishes?” Bibi ji’s voice resonated in the kitchen and brought her out of the mental distress.
Sorry Bibi ji. Nothing broke. I will be careful now. Just a little tension at home“, Aliya tried to convince Bibi ji.
Always an excuse ready on your lips, eh? Just don’t break anything or waste water. And once you are done, I will tell you the things to prepare for Iftar. You know today might be the last roza. Sadiya…

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