Winning entry! 

Hello my wonderful friends…

In June, the other place I send my write ups, had a poetry competition. The theme was Womanhood. It was out earlier and can you believe it…. I forgot to share it!! 😒😒

As you can see in the image, I stood first!! 😁😁😁

My winning poem was :

My claim to…. Womanhood

Fluttering the soft eyelashes,

I open my eyes in this world,

Different emotions on those faces flash,

Some sideway glances, and some smiles hurled.


My fault to me is unknown,

Yet I strive to win those hearts.

I want them to treat me as a crown,

But they throw those painful darts.


It has taken me long to realize,

The more I let them mistreat me,

The more they’ll silent my cries.

I need to break those shackles free.


Aeons passed, hopes of change shattered,

Daughters I saw suppressed and clipped

Their souls and bodies, tormented and battered,

Their life in the darkness of deep abyss dipped.


Treating me badly makes you not a better man,

That hitting hand isn’t strong if it beats the weak.

It is my very existence which births your clan,

In times of turmoil, my warmth and love you seek.


And today, there is a new dawn, with new rays of hope,

No way am I going to lie down and bear trauma you inflict.

My strength in me will make me stand and every problem I’ll cope,

I am going to break out now, no longer lying derelict.


I will now celebrate my birth, on high pedestal I’ll stand,

For I’m now rejoicing Womanhood, my role on this land!

– S.F.R.

14 thoughts on “Winning entry! 

  1. Yayyyy… Didi is still on the top. 😍😍😍😍😘

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    1. Hahaha … didi somehow finally got to the top – aisa bolo 😅😋

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      1. No Somehow Didi. You’re always on the top. 😊😘😇

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      2. How sweet bro! 😄😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats!! 🙂 It’s beautiful!

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  3. Ratika Bhardwaj July 11, 2016 — 3:29 pm

    yehey congratulations!!! ❤ 🙂

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  4. Congrats, well deserved ☺ ☺

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    1. Yayy! Thank you Lion! 😄😋

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  5. Yay, I saw the image before I read your post! Congratulations and that is one brilliant poem!

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    1. Thank you so much Hira! 😄😂


  6. Oh wow!
    Many congrats on this great feat. This is indeed wonderful as your poem is amazing.

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