Yours Truly! (8)

I am back after a loooooong time with my Yours Truly! For the new guests on my blog and for those who haven’t read it yet, here are the previous parts.

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*** And now read on Part 8***

The night was a sleepless one. Sleep eluded me, smiles avoided me, pain had dwelled deep in my soul. The fact that in a few hours, the morn of Saturday would creep troubled me. With it came forth, the bitter truth that I wasn’t there with John. I wasn’t part of his celebration. I wasn’t part of his life any more. The thing that stung me most was, he was not concerned. He was unaffected. He was all right with my absence, while I was breaking in and out!

As I stood in the balcony, sipping the morning coffee, mother joined me.

You miss him, don’t you? she asked me casually.

Mom, I don’t want to miss him. I don’t want to talk about him, please!! I retaliated in a cold tone. I fluttered my eye lashes to avoid the tears from brimming out of the eyes.

Well, Uncle Rod is planning a small party at his place. Somewhere away, probably his farm house. What do you say? she softly said, her hands rubbing my shoulders.

Mom! I don’t want to go anywhere! I murmured,my voice cracking.

We silently drank from our cups. She took the empty one from my hand and started walking away, when I called out. Mom, why don’t you two go ahead.

No honey! Either we all go or no one! Relax it’s not important. You have some rest! Mom shouted back from the kitchen.

I was aware that Dad and Uncle Rod weren’t the best of buddies. But my mom’s brother was my favourite uncle. I knew if I canceled the plan, the whole thing would be canceled. That’s what happens when you are a favourite niece. A subtle smile crossed my face as I thought about Uncle Rod. The most adorable man in our family after Dad. The women in our family had been lucky, all the men had romance embedded in their genes.

That was till me. I had broken that jinx in the family.

 I fell for someone who was miles away from romance. I offered my heart to someone who had no wish to take it. With these thoughts John was back in my mind and thoughts. Along with him came the pain and dejected feeling. Today was going to be a difficult day to live. A suffocation I felt. My ribs seemed to crush my organs. My heart felt aching constrictions, making it difficult to breathe.

As tears filled up my eyes, I looked past the horizon. It was cloudy. 

It might rain by the evening. 

Did John make arrangements for the rain? Were there proper entrances to help the guests?

A thunder bolt from the sky stopped her from thinking ahead. What was I doing? I was not a part of that party anymore. I wasn’t a part of anything related to John anymore. No more. 

In that moment, reflecting on the need to keep herself away from John and his party, I made a decision. I would go and have some fun with my family. 

Maybe that would be better. It would not end her pain but it would divert those thoughts from John. And being with Uncle Rod would just be a relief. 

I had to go away. I had to stay away. I had to bring in some meters, some kilometers between us to stop myself from thinking of his party. 

But would this distance soothen my ache? Would going away, help me control my desire to go and see John? Would I be able to stop my thoughts from drawing up memories of those parties we had gone to? Would I? 

I just knew one thing! I had to! 

And just then my mobile started ringing. 

It rang and rang, waiting for me to pick it up!
[The story might just be coming closer to an end. It has been a long time from the previous part to the present part. Regret the delay. Hope you all are enjoying reading it as much as I am while I am writing it!]



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