Day 18 – June1-30Challenge

Day 18 Photo Challenge

June 28, 2016. The White House News Photographers Association “Eyes on History” gala takes place tonight. 

The photo challenge is getting harder as the number increases!

Post a picture representing the number 18. It can be eighteen items, eighteen people, or something showing the number 18. Maybe even an 18-year-old!

Alternative: Post a gallery of 18 photos that have a shared theme. Or post three galleries each with six pictures having a shared theme.

So, here I am to do the day 18 challenge.

In here are 18 books I bought in the recent few months from an app which helps us to purchase second hand books. All these are thanks to
They sell used books, but all are in marvelous condition. With them are bookmarks and a sweet little note for me!





These lovelies got into my treasure due to BookChor. If you are in India, you should try it out. They have Cash on Delivery for some parts of the country. Else a safe online transaction is the option. Books reach you in about a week’s time.

P.S. I was not approached to write about them. I tell you all as it is a wonderful virtual bookshop to step into! 😍😍

Lots of love and best wishes!


24 thoughts on “Day 18 – June1-30Challenge

    1. I haven’t read Roald Dahl yet, ordered those for my kid. I read Anne of Green Gables recently, as a chapter of it was in the school book. It left me curious. A lovely book. There are about 4-5 sequels to it, have you read them all?

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      1. Yes, I did, though it´s been a long time now – I was between 11 and 16 years old, I believe but hoold the books in fond memory. The first was the best though 😉
        Roald Dahl was a genius – I´m sure you and your kid will love him!! Wonderful british humour 😀

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    1. I read Anne of Green Gables during the holidays. Emotional read, I loved it!
      The story is a wonderful one about an orphan girl and her life. Trying to collect the sequels that followed this one! 🙂

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      1. right. even I have the same reason for not preferring that mode of reading. I read all Anne of Green Gables books in e-versions. Also there are wonderful recordings of audiobooks at and one more Montgomery book Blue Castle. A must must read. I am cent percent sure you’d love it.

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