Day 15 – June1-30Challenge

What do you know! I’m halfway through the June 1-30 Challenge.
So, slowly and steadily, I’m keeping my blog alive! 😄;)

Today I am going to do the Day 15 Challenge….
Day 15 Fifteen Sentences

June 15, 1752. Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a storm. His experiment demonstrated the link between electricity and lightning.

Today is your chance to experiment! Try a new writing style. Write about anything you wish. But you must write exactly fifteen sentences. No more. No less.

If you read my posts often, you should have an idea how difficult this challenge is for me! 😱😱 Only 15 sentences!!! 😨😨

What do I do!!!!! 😰😰

OK, I’ve got to do it…. So here I go… Maybe a story or a short narrative….


Looking through the window of the room, I saw the little boy carrying a heavy bag on his slender frame. The sleepy red eyes told me how he dreaded walking towards the school gate. He watched the other boys and girls rush past him, uncaring how many times they pushed him here and there.

Wearing his crumpled uniform, hair unkempt and shoelaces untied, it took him a lot of effort to reach the building. I saw him now in a completely contradictory state to what he was always in. Disheveled, he looked like a lost and defeated soul, returning from a terrorized warzone.

Memories of everyday, when those little hands would be wrapped around the strong fingers rushed in my mind. But today they were empty, distraught and searching.

Then it dawned on me, the last call from his home, the shocking call we got. Being his teacher, my heart cried silently when I had heard about his father’s death. Seeing him now, my heart felt the pain flowing through the valves like blood.

Two days back, he was the mascot of the school, cheerful and smart, and today his state was painful for every eye that fell on him. His turmoil was known to me, those eyes spoke volumes to the listener. For years ago, like him, at a tender age, I had lost someone.
As I wiped my tear away, I remembered the ache, to have no one to hug tight and say “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”


Yipppiieeee in 15 sentences, I made up a story. I know, I cheated by making them longer than usual. 😋
This was something that came totally unexpectedly. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Stay happy and blessed!
Love and best wishes!
© S.F.R.


2 thoughts on “Day 15 – June1-30Challenge

  1. Happy Father’s day Didi:)

    Aap kitne acche ho Di, you’re still writing for your challenge. It’s so challenging na😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! That’s a commitment now for me. And helps me keep the blog breathing alive! 😉


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