I’m here today too friends!
It is day 13, as per my Challenge though it is June 17! A 4 day glitch!!
Anyways today’s challenge, I mean day 13 challenge is…..
Day 13 Lucky 13

June 13, 1944. Prompted by the successful Allied Landing in Europe, Germany launched a V1 Flying Bomb attack on England. Luckily, only four of the bombs hit their targets. 

Tell us about a time you were lucky. Or unlucky.

Well, I have been lucky in different ways in life. Rather blessed! Alhamdulillah! All praise and thanks to the Lord for that.

I have memories of one, which I could call an unlucky day. Maybe I could tell you all about that day!

This is about the time when I was little. I always have had troubles knock my door on the day which comes every year, marking the day I was born. Yes, my birthday.

So this particular birthday of mine began with little hurdles of no one really bothered to wish or celebrate it with me.

As the day proceeded, we were handed over reports of the previous examination on that day ( can one be any more unlucky? )

I stood second or third in class.

Now, my mother was a strict person. She wasn’t pleased if my ranking moved or drifted low. So you can imagine, the panic in me. A sixth grade student scared to go home and show her mother her report card. Wherein she stood second only because of a two marks margin.
But who sees that, a second is just that, a second fiddle!

All my worry wasn’t wrong. Mom was seriously angry. She wouldn’t talk to me or even look at me, however hard I tried. There was no outing, no dinner celebration, no gifts. It isn’t that she was very harsh or anything, it is just that she was demanding when it was my studies. She wanted me to be the best in whatever I did.

My birthday just vanished from everyone’s mind that time. I didn’t cry aloud, but I was heartbroken and ever since that time, I am skeptical as the date of my birth approaches. Even today!
The memory of that day, as an eleven year old, has left such a deep mark on me, that today as a grown up, an adult with children of that age, I still get paranoid, on the day I was born.

P.S. I am totally opposite with my children. I do not wish to see them struggling in the rat race. I want to see them moving ahead at their own pace, in their own areas and because it is their choice and decision.

P.S.S. Mom changed a few years later. But then she became obsessed with the idea of getting me married. Now that’s another story, maybe some other time!

That’s all for today! Hope to be back soon!
Lots of love and best wishes! Have a wonderful weekend!