Day 10 – June1-30Challenge

Hello friends!

Again lagging back on the challenge, I am here to do the Day 10 impending post. What is the challenge?

Day 10 A Toast to Ten Bloggers

June 10, 1935. Dr. Robert Smith (Dr. Bob) takes his last drink and Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron, Ohio, by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob.

Although Bill and Dr. Bob quit drinking alcohol, we can still raise a toast to those who have done a great job!

Share a link to ten blogs you enjoy. Tell us why you think they deserve a toast! You may want to try viewing those blogs in your browser and using the “Press This” feature.

Alternative: Share links to the top ten posts on your blog from last year according to your stats. Include an excerpt from each. Or share your favorite ten posts since starting your blog.

I am sharing ten of my favourite posts since I started my blog.

  1. This was a short story I wrote sometime back in August 2015, for my friends on a Facebook group. Titled “Tears or Smiles?” – The light rays of the sun fell on her face. She opened her heavy eyes and looked at the window glistening with the sunrays. She groped around in her bed. For an instant Maya had forgotten yesterday. For an instant she forgot what made her eyes and head heavy. She had forgotten Suraj. She had forgotten her son!
  2. The second to share with you, is a poem I had written for my son. Born not of my womb, nor in any way related to me, yet special and close to me like my own. It had been a long time since I had seen him and so I wrote a few lines for him! Love You… Miss You!
  3. The third one would be a short narrative I wrote in September, 2015. I wrote this when I had no one really reading my blog. It was just something that I wrote for a few friends of mine. I wish…. – She would bring words she had heard, she would show me faces, so common yet so unique. The world had so many stories to tell, but no one to listen. She says people don’t listen to ease your pain, they listen to either talk behind you or to find faults with you.
  4. A short story which later I had added another episode to, a story which I wrote after I had bugged my special friend, this one is really close to my heart. Janie and Me! – Seeing her so innocently sleep, with her little and empty head – well that was my belief – I smiled. She was the naughtiest soul that existed around me. Her knee length boots and her skirt, her long hair and the color of the tee she wore under that black leather jacket, except for these everyday items, there was nothing that proved that she was a female. A brat stuck in a girl’s body.
  5. Next in October, I wrote up a short story, My Queen! – Somehow, I had managed to trot away from the rest of the returning tirade. I was missing her more than I had thought. It was extremely hot, there was a stream which I knew. This place was my home, I knew the forests and the lanes and streets like the back of my hand. I slowly made the horse move in the direction. I could see the sparkling water of the stream flow quietly. The water flowing as though giggling, on seeing me there.
  6. Poetry is something which strikes me at the unexpected times. This is one poem I wrote on Time.
  7. Another short story/narrative from an accident survivor’s point of view, is the one I titled Waiting… – Sometimes, I wake up from a sleep, and wish I didn’t have to face the stark realities of life. Sometimes I wish, there was an easy way to be pulled down into this quagmire. What is it that pulls me down yet keeps me afloat? What is it that makes my breath looks like a hard task to be accomplished?
  8. The eighth one is a poem I wrote for my brothers. You can read it here, This one’s for you!
  9. The second-last on the list would be one I wrote to share with all the emotional turmoil I had, being a parent and a teacher. What are we missing out?  I have tried hard to get answers to it, but I am still trying hard in my own little way.
  10. The last which really seems a perfect way to end the list of my favourite blogposts of last year, is an ode to womanhood. My little poem for all the women around. I am a Woman!

Thank you all for reading this looooooonnngggg list. I know it looks exhaustive so I won’t blame if you if you don’t read them 😉

Lots of love and best wishes for all!



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