June 6 – #June1-30Challenge

As per the promise of the previous post, I am doing the June 6 challenge too!

What is the June 6 challenge?

Days 6 Six Sounds You Love or Hate

June 6, 1944. The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in London.

Are you a fan of the song YMCA by The Village People? Or do you hate it?

Write about and share six songs or artists you love or six songs you hate. This is a chance to learn how to embed media in a post.

Alternative: Write about sounds that grate on your nerves.

Well, I ain’t a person much into music. A nice song a the background playing might just quiten my thoughts. On the whole, a wrong person to ask about music!
Still let me just share with you some songs which bring some memories back!

1. Celine Dion’s song, My heart will go on – Titanic – This is one song we loved and then started dreading. A craze at the time I was in college, one of my friends had become obsessed by it. She would sing in the break, lunch time, after school, morning, evening, on calls, literally every time. That really drove us mad at her and Titanic makers! 😈😈😈

2. Hindi song from the movie Mohabbetein, Humko humise churalo – A very soft and melodious romantic song, I like the locales and of course Shah Rukh Khan in it! 😍😍

3. Frozen song, Let it go – This is one song on replay loop, on my mobile. All credit goes to the children of the house, my children and my sister’s. My niece doesn’t even let me receive a call if the song is playing.  So, I try my best to avoid starting it, ’cause then it shouldn’t stop!! 😒😒

4. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran song, Everything has changed – This song was included by an author Marilyn Grey in her book “When the City Sleeps” and I searched it up. I fell in love with the song, because of the way the song brings up the hero and heroine of the book close!

5. Michael Jackson’s – They don’t really care about us track. This song just made me realize how we all are just left on this planet without any care by the people whom we call as our leaders. And every passing day has just showed, that they don’t really care about us! They care about power, money, control, superiority and destruction!

6. This is one song, which really saddens me. Probably just memories of hard times come floating in my mind when I hear it. I am not aware which movie/album/singer is this song of.
Jo bheji thi dua, wo jaake aasman se yun takra gayi….

So those are the six songs which came up in my mind on reading about this challenge.

Let’s see what comes up for tomorrow!
Best wishes to all!


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