June 4 – June 1-30 Challenge

I am on a one-day-delayed mode for the June challenge, thankfully there was a provision to do it, the sooner you could. So I am still part of the challenge 😂😂

Now the June 4 challenge for the #June1-30Challenge is: Post a picture representing the number 4. It can be four items, four people, or something showing the number 4.
Be creative! Look around you and take some fun photos to share!

Alternative: Post a gallery of four photos that have a shared theme. Use the Create a Gallery Tool to make your gallery.

I really have had a real tough time deciding what do I share with you with four as the center point! Finally coming out with a picture of ‘four people’!

Guess who?
This is the picture of the four SFRs 😄😄
Yes, it’s amazing when we four share names with the letter ‘F’ and have the same first names and last names. Only our middle names are different and we are called by those names! ;);)

Am I confusing you? 😮😮

Revealing myself for the first time on my blog with my siblings. The issue is we four are never present in one frame, so I had to make it as a collage. Hope it still qualifies! 😅😅


Best wishes. Enjoy the weekend guys and gals!


14 thoughts on “June 4 – June 1-30 Challenge

  1. Woo-Hoo! I know how exciting it it to reveal oneself on your own blog, Syeda!!! 🙂 Or shall I call you Faiza now?? What a lovely collage!!! Aww, and you´re such a beautiful woman, my dear!!! 🙂 That smile is simply stunning 😀 Have a wonderful sunday! 🙂 xoxo ❤

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  2. Ahhhh!! The secret behind this wonderful blog has been revealed… I’m so glad to see the person behind those wonderful words….. hahaha nice meeting you Faiza!! 😂😂😂


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