June 3 Challenge

Hello everyone!

Those whose weekend has begun, hope you all have had a good start, for the others who are yet to begin, have a wonderful weekend!!

Mine is going quite hectic, busy preparing charts to welcome the students for the academic year. As always, I’ve been made the Class Teacher and mine seems to be the class with the maximum strength!! :/

Anyways, back to the June 1-30 Challenge. Today I should be doing the June 4 one, but as I couldn’t get online due to rains and power cuts, I am doing it today. June 4 will follow soon.

Now what is June 3 challenge?

Patience my friends!! 😉 It is to tell you all about the three things I can’t live without. Challenges are quite a self revealing task! 😉

3 things I cannot live without are:

  1. My mobile – It is totally a necessity for me. I end up checking mails, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also end up writing on the Evernote. All apps in it, leading to battery drain out or low memory! Some time back, I used to read books on it too. It is Samsung S3. ( I know it was a real bad/harmful thing, so I stopped it!)
  2. My family – These are the people who make me who I am. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, all these roles of mine exist only because these people are around me.
  3. Tea – My elixir in life. Any thing which can really boost up my energy is my cup of tea. I make it strong and not so sweet. And it may surprise you, I need 3 cups minimum while there can be any number for maximum! 😀  ( How I stay away from it during Ramadhan fasting is a marvel which surprises my husband! It is among the first few things I consume after breaking my fast!)

So, that’s about me!

Hope to be back with the June 4 challenge soon. Till then, take care.

Lots of love!


4 thoughts on “June 3 Challenge

  1. Thanks for sharing…and have a wonderful weekend…by the way, I love tea as well 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading dear. Enjoy the weekend!
      Oh wow… Tea-sisters! 😁😋

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love tea too and I hate weak tea ! :D. I love the fact you mentioned family too

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