Day 2 – June 1-30 Day Challenge

Well so we move on to the second day of June. With it comes the second challenge.
And it is….. Two goals for June!

Goal 1: That would be more of a religious goal. As Ramadan begins, we will be fasting from dawn to dusk, approximately a 15 hour fasting period in India and other surrounding places. And in these 30 days I plan to complete the reading of The Quran and its translation. May the Almighty help me in that!

Goal 2: The next goal is to apply for a two year master degree programme. Why that you may wonder?
Well, my education is a very tricky one. Soon after high school, I took up science in my Intermediate. After that I had a complete 360° turn, when I left Science and moved towards graduating in Computer Applications. The next two years and I completed my M.B.A.

School ➡ BPC ➡BCA ➡ MBA ➡ B. Ed.

Now as I kept working as a teacher, I realized that my efforts and activities, anything I did was not given weightage because I didn’t have a B. Ed. A degree was supposed to make me a better teacher! While my experience with children, the way I brought out the best from them, all was disregarded. This prompted me to study again, and I did my B. Ed in English and Biological Sciences. This year I plan to get towards doing MA in English. I hope I am able to achieve the goal!

My brother says I am the most abnormal one in the whole family.

Do you think so too? 😮😮


4 thoughts on “Day 2 – June 1-30 Day Challenge

  1. Wow… many degree….my goodness…..abnormal.. of course not Dear….he much be kidding…😂😂

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  2. If abnormal means that you´re a lovely person with the passion to follow your dreams, then yes! 😉 I think it´s wonderful how much you´ve achieved and still want to make the best out of it! I wish you all the luck, my dear!
    I don´t envy you your fasting season though, I have to admit 😉 I´m very familiar with is as here in Berlin live many Muslims, so I always know when it is. It´s especially hard in the summer months when the sun doesn´t want to settle down and it´s hot… Hope reading the qu´ran will help you get through it (another very ambitious undertaking!). Lots of love! ❤

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    1. Oh yes it seems hard, but guess that’s when the Almighty showers His blessings and we don’t feel hunger or thirst which we would have faced otherwise.
      I hope I will be able to read the Quran as I intend to. Thanks for your wishes and love dear! 😄

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