Yours Truly – (1)

I stepped out of the door. Dressed in a strapless red floor length gown, with a simple chain across my neck and a pair of tear drop shaped gold studs in my ear. I knew I was less jewelry adorned, compared to the rest of the guests inside. The fresh air outside made me feel alive again.

All bejeweled with exquisite pieces of diamonds and emeralds and rubies, and wrapped in the most expensive and designer tagged dresses. Yet, they felt as lifeless as those stones in their jewelry. And that added to my discomfort.

If only I could stay home and didn’t have to attend this official dinner. With the party going in full swing, I knew my absence would not have mattered to anyone. Except to my boss! Well, I was his secretary and was expected to come in and leave with him. John wasn’t a snob or a party bopper, yet for these official dinners he insisted that I accompany him. He used me as a reason to wriggle out before the dinner meetings turned unpleasant with the free flow of wine.

Bored Sandra? a soft voice whispered near my ear.

I was surprised to see John standing there, his hands in his pocket. His dark brown hair fixed perfectly, his navy blue suit complementing his light blue eyes. He stood leaning on to the door.

A bit, so came out here for some fresh air. I’ll join you in soon! I replied.
I know how you feel about these parties. Thanks for coming! he said softly.
I’ll be back in soon. How are they inside? I asked teasing.
He gave a nod of the head and winked.
Join soon, they’ll eat me up! He said, as his hand swiftly moved up and he glided his finger across his neck, to show his dooming execution.
A soft giggle escaped my lips.
Yes boss! I replied. He smiled back and started walking away.

John was the symbol of power and energy in the company. He was a leader all along, and people loved working under him. He was a crazy man when it came to perfection, yet he was compassionate and caring towards his team. And above all, a perfectly eligible bachelor. Girls in parties like these swooned over him. Surprisingly he didn’t like it a bit. Here came my existence. He called me the saving angel. Any time a girl approached him, he would tag me along to drive her off!

We both shared a strange relationship. We could talk and discuss anything, under the sky. We had studied in the same school. I remember him as the boy, all the others in school idolized. He was treated like some matinee star. Added to it, he was the teachers’ pet too. An amazing achiever in all fields.

After school, we kind of moved away. Different colleges and all. Then one fine day after I had finished my graduation, there was an advertisement in the newspaper, which landed in my hand. I went in for the interview, met him. I easily recognized him with that dent in his chin and his blue eyes. You just can’t forget those ever, once you see them!

The first few days were panic stricken ones for me. It took me some time to get adjusted to his ways and whims. The troubles he gave me early on, made me think of resigning. But the fact was that I needed the job. Another reason, I didn’t want to leave it was I didn’t want John to think I was a weakling. And the biggest reason was something else. I don’t know and how and why. I don’t even remember since when this thing was in me. Suddenly that was the main reason.

Slowly as I learnt the pattern of his works and his methods, we started getting along. There were calls of girls which kept coming and I’d end the calls with an apology from his side – Sorry but he says he can’t make it tonight. He’s got some urgent meeting.

John would not agree to any of those girls’ desires to meet or have dinner again. And all of them were ones, he met at some official party.

I hated those calls which I had to receive. I always felt a tinge when I would Google up those names. They were awesomely beautiful and horribly rich. I just couldn’t tolerate these women swarming him like bees.

‘Cause Yours Truly, had a terrible, a hugely terrible crush on him!


(To be continued. . . )



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