Destiny fooled me? (2)

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Life began in hell!

Everyone in the house was good to her, except Jai. He would pretend like a good husband outside the room. There was a coldness he shared with his mother. It was because she wanted to change him. And caught in this web was poor Jyoti.

For the sake of her parents and fear of society she kept silent. The smile she saw on her parents’ faces on seeing her and Jai, made her forget everything. Their happiness was everything for her. She was willing to bear anything.

They never made love.  He would come drunk every night. And pounce on her body ferociously. Kissing her body, squeezing and biting all over, telling her that he owned it. She had begun to dread the nights. She was raped again and again. She had decided to bear it – for mother, father and Kiran’s wellbeing.

As time passed, Jyoti started getting nervy. She would stay most of the day in her room. She went out only on official dinners or with her mother-in-law for some family functions. Wherever she went with Jai, she realized that for him women were toys. She could see lust in his eyes. Because he was warned by his family, he couldn’t get into an affair, so he took out the brunt on her. Those nights he would be more fierce and rough.

The only place she felt peaceful was her home. Her coming was like an event not only in her house but in the whole neighborhood. The peace and happiness she saw on their faces always quietened her. Jai never accompanied her and no one seemed to mind as he was a rich and busy man. She was glad about that. Things got bright after Kiran returned home. And a little spark of hope rose in Jyoti’s mind when she decided to help in her younger sister’s education.

Then things worsened.

When Kiran’s tenth results came, she came to meet Jyoti at her house, the Samanth Villa. She was very happy and wanted to meet her brother-in-law to give him the news. As her father had some work. He left her with Jyoti and promised to return later to take her back home. She was delighted to spend the day with her sister. And her busy brother-in-law.

When Jai came, Kiran met him and told how she had topped in her school. He casually led out a hand to congratulate. As Kiran stretched out hers, he pulled her into his arms. Jyoti was filled with shock. His dirty hands on her innocent sister made her churn in disgust. He gave a dirty look to Jyoti. She saw his expressions and could read his mind. Jyoti realized what kind of a man he was and how unsafe little Kiran was under her roof.

She quickly pulled her away and took her to the living room. All the time, her eyes were fixed on Jai as she saw him looking lustfully at her sister. She bore all but this made her blood boil.

She heaved a sigh of relief when her father came to pick Kiran. Jai insisted on letting Kiran stay for the night. After all it was her sister’s house, he exclaimed. Jyoti sent her off safely, away from the eyes of the devil.

Jai left too. “Friend’s party,” he said when his mother asked. When he returned and started satiating his desire, in that drunken state, he murmured, “How hard you are! How soft is Kiran’s body! How much fun I had, having her in my arms! I will devour her. I will make her mine.” He starting entering her and with each thrust he gave, Jyoti’s resolve became stronger. This man wasn’t a human, he was a lusty demon. She had to protect her sister.

Pain, fear and horror can make man do anything. Anything which he may regard wrong or immoral. That night she realized how true those words were.
She knew what she would do. As he finished his chore and lay exhausted, Jyoti went into the bathroom. She had a bath. She was going to cleanse herself. Today.

Before anyone woke, she was up. She dressed up in a her blue salwar kameez. She casually walked into the kitchen and looked at the servants busy cleaning. “Kuch chahiye bibiji – do you want something, Ma’am”, one of them said. Her eyes found what she was looking for. She took it and concealed it within her dupatta (stole/scarf). She nodded her head and showed the fruit basket.  She picked up an apple and moved towards her room.

She bit into it and for the first time after her marriage, she had enjoyed eating something. She ate it peacefully. She knew what she was doing and she was not going to regret it ever. She took out a few dupattas of her. And did what she intended to do.

She waited for the eyes to open. Soon they did. He started pulling at the colorful dupattas at his wrists. Before he could shout, she stuffed a white cloth into his mouth. He was tied to the bed posts. His eyes filled with fear and shock.

Jyoti gave him a hearty smile. She got closer to him and whispered,”You were a fool to think I was weak. I was a fool to let you think that way. I had loved an animal like you. But now I have to do what it takes to get rid of this demon. You have seen the submissive wife. Now you’ll see the other side of the same woman.” She kissed him softly on his cheek. And moved away. The look on Jai’s face changed when he saw the knife in Jyoti’s hand.

As silently she had endured all, Jai endured the plunge of knife into his body. As she had writhed and squirmed in pain, so did his body. She kept pulling it out and pushing it into his body. How lifeless she  had felt after each session, the same he lay in front of her! Red streams of blood spread all around on the bed sheet. She stopped.

She wrapped herself in her brown shawl and crept out of the house. The guards didn’t see her nor did the other servants. She had no intention of escaping or denying. But before she surrendered she wanted to breathe in the open air. Celebrate the demise of the evil in her life. The world could remorse his death. Good luck to them!


It was 9:30 am, she had gotten away an hour ago. By now someone must have seen the disaster she had left there. She kept sipping her coffee, when she heard the police sirens, a smile came up on her face.

Let the story unfold to the world now, she thought.

**The End**

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Hope you like it!


8 thoughts on “Destiny fooled me? (2)

  1. Beautifully written, sent chills through my vain. I had no idea what Jyoti is going to do. U quite blew me away with ur word’s….. 🤘🤘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ajaz. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Syeda! I enjoyed reading the story with bated breath. Though I started predicting the end, after Kiran’s incident; the story succeeded in keeping the suspence intact till the end. And how you end it! Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The end was clear in the first part itself. Just depended on how/when/why to make that end happen 😉
      Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Wow!
    The demon finally received the fruit of his evil. Very nicely written and compelling

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, when the weak soul has nothing else to lose, it cares for nothing!

      Liked by 1 person

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