Man…confused thou are!

Life they say is a journey on earth,
   Then why is it smooth sailing for some,
      While for some it is like a stormy night?

Love they say is a blessing, elixir of life,
Why is it so painful then, for love to beget love?

Marriages they say are made in heaven
Then why while on earth, are they like cages?

Money they say is just a necessity,
   But why is it making man turn devil,
      Unconcerned and uncaring, selfish and haughty?

Death they say is an unchangeable truth,
Yet why don’t we do deeds worth in His eyes?

Man says something and does its contrary.
Words are easily said, but hard to live up to.

Yet we neither question nor change,
   Happy in our shells and cocoons, in hiding.
      Living safely as long as it’s the other’s pain!



12 thoughts on “Man…confused thou are!

  1. Oh, wow! You´ve got it so right with this one, Syeda! “Words are easily said, but hard to live up to” – couldn´t agree more with you. And the last stanza hits it right on the spot, too! So sad, but true nevertheless…

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