This day. . .


My heart is heavy. My mood is terrible.
It is raining with lightning and thunder outside.
And not a single word do I feel like writing.
No naughtiness or wish to express is flaring within,
Just a heaviness in the heart and gloominess,
And an aura of negativity around.

A very special day came to a worthless end. I wanted to make someone’s day special, but destiny has this habit of leaving me with more pain or annoyance on such days!

Leaving that aside, it is a special night, a night of prayers. The night of Prophet’s Mi’raj to the heavens. Praying for the blessings of Almighty to be bestowed on all and His mercy and forgiveness.
May His mercy and blessings be on all. And He accepts our duaas.

Stay happy and blessed. Hope to be back in my own skin tomorrow at least.
Lots of love and best wishes!


23 thoughts on “This day. . .

    1. We had rain after a long time, with the heat wave in India going berserk. Yet the rain didn’t soothe me, it kind of darkened all and so was really mad! Anyways, a new day begins, hope it brings positivity. 🙂 Thanks for being there for me.

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  1. It will pass, my dear friend! I know how you feel, there are many days where I don´t feel like painting or drawing, or I feel like it, start and thn discover than nothing much comes out of it. My mom always tells me it´s normal for all kind of artists to feel this way. Creativity is linked to your spiritual self – if you don´t feel like writing, just accept it, it´s bound to come back sooner or later! Lots of love! XOXO

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    1. Thanks dear. Actually I am quite sensitive to few things and people in my life. When they kind of take us for granted, we’re bound to feel dejected. And that effects everything and every thought of mine. I try to ignore it but it is quite a stubborn feeling.
      But I’m feeling better today. My moods change sometimes with the drop of a hat! 😂😂
      Thanks friend for such a lovely message. Lots of love to you and mom! 😄😘😘

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      1. I understand completely. Being taken for granted does hurt. Or when they (those alleged friends) always kind of simply forget your birthday, only want to speak about themselves and find them busy all of a sudden when you want to tell them something … I know that place very well, believe me. It´s important to either distance yourself from this kind of friends or at least tell them how they make you feel. Sadly when I told them they didn´t really care…
        It´s wonderful that you feel better already!!! What doesn´t destroy you can only make you stronger 🙂 Just write those kind of days off – you´re much too tough to let it get to you in the long run, I feel 🙂 Lots of love and HUGE HUGS !!! XOXO

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      2. With friends like those, where is the shortage of enemies! 😂😂
        It’s always better to forget them and their actions as soon as possible dear. They spread a lot of negativity. So let’s spread some happiness, smiles and positivity. I’m strong as I have some lovely friends like you here who fill me with a new energy to cross over.
        Stay happy and blessed dear! Lots of love and huge hugs!! *p.s.: we’d be huge bears to be able to give huge hugs* 😋😋

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      3. Wise words, my dear Syeda!! Yeah, let´s spread some happiness, positivity and lots of smiles 😀
        Stay happy and blessed too!! XOXO
        P.S. I wouldn´t mind being a bear – very cute cubs and lots of honey too 😉

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  3. Many don’t like to be on the ground as they constantly crave for the top. But seeing things from ground level perspective not only changes our mind, but also our souls.
    Big month arriving. Let’s start the preparations!

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