Time to make some memories!

Hello friends!!
Well, it seems to be a non writing day for me! You may wonder, why? Any guess???

Aaaah don’t make some strange assumptions friends. 😮😮😨😨

It’s because I was busy and out at a function. Tomorrow is a grand day!! It’s one of my bestie’s day!

I am so excited and happy for her. And I’d request you all to remember her in your prayers so that her new life is filled with all the best things! Aameen!

I will try my best to share some pictures if possible. No promises though! 😉

OK as a winding up activity, how about you all give me a feedback. It could be about anything. My poems, my stories, my reviews, my writing or about me (which few of you really could be able to say 😉 )

To make it easier, let me put a few down:
1. Better writing: Poetry/ Stories
2. Your preference when I write: Fiction/ Non fiction
3. What kind of a person do you think I am: Emotional/Practical
4. Advice for me
5. Anything you’d like to ask me. 🙂 (P.S. I will answer if I find it not too personal)

Feel free to add more. Please help me better myself. :):)

Take care. Stay happy and blessed.
Lotssss of love
Syeda – S.F.R.


17 thoughts on “Time to make some memories!

  1. It’s a very exciting time for you and I certainly will remember to pray for blessings. As to your writing, I enjoy all of it but especially the poetry. Do you read a lot of poetry too?

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    1. Thanks Laine!!! Oh yes I do read often, specially ones written by my students. Though I still have many classics and famous ones to catch up on!

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  2. I like all your writing. It’s impossible to choose between the different types of writing. As far as advice. Just continue to enjoy writing. :). I really don’t know what else to sy right now, lol.
    Enjoy the wedding, good wishes for the day especially to the couple 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much dear. 🙂
      Stay happy and blessed.

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  3. I like the animated pictures you use in your posts..

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  4. Best wishes for your friend´s wedding! Hope it will be a splendid feast! 😀

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    1. Thank you Sarah! It really was fun.

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      1. Great! Looking forward to some wedding-related stories and pictures 😉

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      2. Hahaha! Well let me see where to begin with! 😂😂

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      3. I´m sure you´ll find a way 😉 xoxo

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  5. Hi Sayeda, Greetings! Back to your old skin? Got to know about you and your blog through Sumit. I really loved your views and the way you make your choices. Haven’t gone through many of your posts. But from the overview. I am a teacher too and book lover. So I could connect.

    I’d like to ask you two things. 1) what are your viewpoints on the institution of marriage? Specially in india.

    2) what kind of books you prefer to read and why?

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    1. Hi Apoorva.
      Thank you for your kind words on my work. Glad to connect to another teacher. Coming to your questions, could I know why do you ask me them?
      As for the first question, I feel marriage in India is a huge issue. It is regarded as sacred, but I feel the sanctity is being lost with modern ape-ism. Many a times, I feel though we have been given certain rights religiously, we are pinned down by the culture and society. I could write a complete post on it. Maybe someday!!
      I like reading mostly fiction works. I prefer romance, thrillers, suspense, drama, rather any genre as long as it entices me. I hope that answers your questions! 😄

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      1. Hi Syeda,

        I asked the first question because I could see some similarities between us. The way you express your thoughts independently. Not many young women do that. They are more interested in going with the flow. Showing the illusionary views. But you are unlike them. You have your own voice. A voice I would like to hear. So i wanted to know what an educated grounded indian woman thinks of marriage in the view of a lot of things. Would love to read your post on itifyou choose to write on this.

        And second question was a casual one to know how you select books you read.

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      2. Will surely tag you when I write about it sooner or later. Thanks for those kind words. Stay happy and blessed!

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