Looking at the positive response to my dialogue type post (though they were just being too kind to me, I know that!), I decided to try it today too.

These are kind of witty talks which I have in my mind – I mean my characters have it! Hope you enjoy this one too!



She: It’s so boring, tonight!

He: *typing and busy with his computer* Hmmmmm!!

She: Tell me something.

He: *typing* What??

She: Anything!

He: Anything…..mmmmm…. anything!

She: I asked you to tell not repeat the word!

He: Cmon girl! Do something. I’m a bit busy I will join you soon.

She: *surfs channels. A few minutes later* Nothing’s good on television.

He: Read then!

She: I’ve finished reading those books. And the new books haven’t come.

Silence prevails. He looks at her and finds her staring at him. Really mad at him.

She: Okay! Let’s play a game.

He: A game? Now? What game?

She: Yeah! Let’s play poem game!

He: What’s that supposed to mean?

She: Let’s try to complete each other’s verse. I give the first line and you give the second. But they should rhyme! Okay??

He: *reluctantly* Hmmm! Okay!

She: I see you busy, lost in your world,

He: Hmmm! *Thinking hard* Get me a blanket, I’m feeling cold.

She: What??

He: I rhymed it, didn’t I?

She: Hmmm! I want you by my side forever.

He: Will this work end never!

She: That’s really stupid!

He: You’re behaving like a kid!

She: Shut up! You are being ridiculous,

He: This was your idea, my girl fabulous!

Silence again. He looks at her. She’s really pissed off now. She gets up, and stamps her feet like a little angry girl. She walks away to the bedroom. And locks the door from inside.

She shrieked out “Oouuchh!”

He: *loudly with a smile* Boy!! Looks like today, my haven is this couch!