My dreams

We all dream, don’t we? Some in the course of a sleep, while some with eyes wide open. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes emotional. Sometimes they give you the déjà vu kind of feeling and sometimes they scare you out!
These are dreams we see while we are in the sleepzone.

Dreams with eyes wide open, I believe are things we hope. Our aspirations and our wishes. These are dreams we see while we are in the imaginative zone. We dream to see ourselves high up the ladder, we dream to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves. The dream to visit some favourite place and the dream to meet someone you admire! Wow, this list is just getting longer!

Today, I wish to share with you a few things about the dreams I see. No, no! Not the ones with open eyes, you’d be bored by that. Let me share those of the sleeping zone, because I never understand why I see them and see them often.

I get these recurring dreams, which really amaze me by their frequency and the persistence they the exhibit.


Very often I see that I am flying. Not that I am really enjoying it, but its like a confused state. I am rising higher and higher and flying at one level and then suddenly, its like dropping down. From the limitless sky to the deep abyss. Sometimes around mountains, sometimes around bridges and tall buildings, sometimes just barren places and sometimes free valleys.


I don’t fall on anything or even come close to ground. Something like Spiderman/Superman but without any magical powers or threads to hold me or attach myself. I just keep soaring and falling. Flying high and low. Happy and sad. Confused in everything.

Most of the times, I am so anxious by the dream that I wake up breathless. But after a few moments, when I am asleep again, the dream continues from where it had been paused. The experience resumes.

And then there are times, when I don’t remember a single thing about my dream. Not a single thing. Like a black screen with nothing on it. Wonder why that happens!!

Anyone here, gets the same kind of dreams or something which keep recurring? Can anyone tell me what my dreams mean? Let’s see what your share of dreams are!

Take care.Be happy and blessed!

6 thoughts on “My dreams

  1. I get some recurring dreams, mostly in response to stress and nothing all that interesting. It’s difficult to get into the particulars but I’ve had a few times in which I’ve felt very conflicted and a dream has helped to clarify my heart’s desires.

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    1. We do have some awful dreams when we’re stressed out. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. I can’t run in my dreams. Seriously!
    I always fall on the ground, whenever I’m running, and drags myself ahead. I can literally feel my legs are just dead.
    I also don’t remember every dream. Sometimes I see strange flying machines, clouds and places.
    Also in my dreams, I can land safely on my feet whenever I jump. Even from the sky!
    And those déjà vu’s! There is a long list.

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    1. Woaah! Quite a long list for you too! Enjoy the dreams. 😉

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      1. Tip of the iceberg it is 🙂

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