The Masks!


Dressed in a black colored, floor length gown, with the same color sequins, I lifted my left foot out of the cab door. I was nervous as I let the thin and fragile heels of my shoes touch the pavement. Emerging out of it, I was glad I wore a netted full sleeved and high necked one,for a cold breeze was in the air. The night was getting colder by the minute. There was a beeline behind me of cars and from each emerged the guests one by one.

I slowly stepped into the Jason Hall, the venue for today’s masquerade party. It was the birthday party of one of my classmates and he was known to throw huge, really huge and lavish parties. Who wouldn’t? If they had the Jason Hall at their disposal, to be used like a playground. He was the richest and the most sought after guy, at college.

I was amazed at the beauty of the hall as I kept walking in. There were flowers everywhere. Big, white and freshly cut flowers. Unable to resist my desire to touch, I let my fingers feel the petals. Soft and wet with freshly sprayed water. The walls were draped with white fabric, covering each inch of the walls. And a red carpet led me to the staircase.

All present, were dressed in black. Every one in their full glory. Long gowns sprawling on the floor. Low necklines with heaving cleavages. Hair styled in ways I’d seen only on television. Like those movie stars walking on red carpets on premieres or award functions. The guys were no less in their attires. Black suits, in various fabrics. All in their best.

I knew all of them, but now I couldn’t recognise a single one, as I stood at the top of the stairs. As all had masks of various sizes and shapes concealing their faces. It was the best thing about the party.

With me in my large, golden mask, with blond hair extensions to it, I was sure no one would recognize me. I didn’t want these people to see me in this way. This wasn’t me. This was just a borrowed existence of a few hours.

The red carpet stairs spiraled down to the center of the hall. Eyes filled with wonder, I loved each thing. The white tapestries, the white flowers, torches running on electricity to spread a fire like light. It looked like a king’s palace. Something like Prince Charming’s ball party where Cinderella leaves her glass shoes or like the dinner dance in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

All eyes raised up to me as I started moving down. Having so many eyeballs on me, made my heart flutter in my ribcage. Butterflies were set free in my stomach. I didn’t want to flinch or spoil the moment. It was a rare occurrence to have boys and girls look at me like that, struck with awe.

Their eyes were glittering with the sequins reflecting the light. I knew they were noticing my waist length brown hair, which I had left open, having huge curls. Thanks to my room mate Susie who helped create them. It was the weekend and she was a huge help. Like Cinderella, she was my fairy godmother who dolled me up for the party.

As I put my right foot down the last step, I saw a hand come before me. A large hand with the palm spread out, as though waiting for mine to settle in and to be engulfed. I raised my green eyes. He stood before me, with a huge grin on his lips.

Even with his black mask, which covered from his eyebrows to his lower jaw line, leaving space for his luscious lips, I knew it was him. The cleft on his chin and his grey eyes gave him away!!

P.S. I don’t know if I’m going to take it ahead. Quite undecided!
If you want me to do so, please let me know in the comments. Probably, it would help me decide!  😋😂😂

Lots of love and best wishes to all!!


2 thoughts on “The Masks!

  1. Nice one indeed and since I’m the first one to reply, I say go ahead!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting in favour! Let me see where I can take it. 😃

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