Me and my life!


Confusion, confusion,
How much to blur my vision?
For every thing that I think of,
There is always options enough!

Is morning better than night?
White or yellow, which is bright?
Do I cook dinner or order my favorite?
Shall I buy it online or bargain locally on the rate?

What do I wear to the party?
Should I be polite or pretend haughty?
Seeing her brag about the branded accessories,
I wonder why I can’t cook up such stories!

Today should I wear blue or black?
I end up complaining, nothing worth in my stack!
Heels or shoes? Ponytails or loose hair?
Every day, so many missions I dare!

And then, in evening as I log on here,
All thoughts clouding my mind, turning all unclear.
Shall I write a boring story or a baffling poem?
Shall I travel in my world of words or just stay home?

Oh what a life of questionnaires I live, everyday
What about you? Is it like mine? C’mon, you’ve got to say!

Well, this might seem a little distant from my last few posts. I guess, today I’m in a madness-state. So, I thought of going a little light hearted today. And you never know, if something pops, will share that too! 😂😂
This poem is me and my life, nearly everyday! How about you all? Please do share. Would love to hear – or shall I say, read – about you all!😍😋

Lots of love, best wishes!


18 thoughts on “Me and my life!

  1. Well your story is similar to mine and I know that feeling cuz it’s really exhausting to plan every single thing for a day. Even thought I wear an abaya but it’s still the same thing – which abaya I should wear today? the scarf with it? the shoes? the bag? etc. etc. We girls have the same shit every day. And it’s funny and saddening at the same time. By the way you did a great work on this poem. Loved it 😉

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