A Modern Woman – Review

Hello friends.

Engrossed with marking of papers and preparing the report cards of the students of my class , I literally had less time to read. I had started one which was on my Kindle for long. Finally I did it.

Though I’d blame my busy schedule for taking so long to read it, another fact is that the story was a quite slow in its pace.  So, here I am with the review of “A Modern Woman” by Catherine MacDonald. It was published on January 17th, 2016. 😉

Here it goes!!


Book Blurb: There was a commotion at the front entrance and Lily looked that way. The door burst open and a swarm of police rushed in swinging their black clubs in the air and yelling, “Raid!” A tall portly officer blew his whistle and yelled, “No one leave the room. You are all under arrest.”
It’s 1923 in Reno, Nevada and seventeen-year-old Lily Diamond is serving illegal liquor in a speakeasy involved with murder and corruption. She meets handsome Joe Caponi and her haunting eyes seem to look deep within his soul and see the man he hopes to be one day. Against society and family constraints, fate intervenes and brings two people, who are destined for each other, together. Revisit the fascinating world of illegal liquor and drinking clubs, sex, murder, corruption, as you read the story of a young woman coming of age during the Jazz Age.

About the Author: Catherine MacDonald worked as an archivist and completed an M.A. in western Canadian history, then opened a consulting business to market her historical skills. She built a career on painstaking research and excellent writing that garnered awards. And then one morning she woke up with an idea for a mystery. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (via Amazon.com)

My Rating: 3.5


A Modern Woman is a simple story with quite a few twists and turns. I usually pick up romantic books, preferably without intimate or erotic descriptions and this book fits in that perfectly.

The struggles of a seventeen year old girl, Lily is shown very well. Her traumas and the barbarity of the times, the mafia and goon rule, and the misinterpretation of a modern woman, is depicted well. A modern woman isn’t just a woman who can drink and smoke but she is one who strives for her identity, who wants to leave a mark in society and wants to show what she is capable of; those should be the features of a modern woman. So the plot and characters of the book are really amazing.

The only problem I faced while reading the book, was it begins very slowly. The story grips you only when Joe Capponi makes the entry. He really adds the much needed charm and makes the story move. He is a man caught in a web, entangled when his dreams and aspirations take a back seat due to his father. * No spoilers here, so please read it to know more*

If you are fine with slow pace of the story, which does become interesting as it moves on, do give it a reading.

I believe, even romance should move steadily and keep the reader hooked up. The hooking part came only after about 25% of the book was done. That was the disappointing thing for me, though after that the story goes on well. And the book did leave a few characters’ stories unclear.  These forced me to give a rating of 3.5 to this book.

P.S.: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.

With best wishes to all. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

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