Hello friends,

What a week this has been! Memorable and amazing!
Monday started with a post of mine on BlogHer.com and the week ends on a Sunday by this marvelous gift from my dear dear friend Sarah! May the days to come bring much more ahead!

This is an amazing piece she did for me. I’m so honored, to get back so much love from her and all of you, who read my words, like and appreciate and let me know what’s good about it.

Sarah, thanks for this my dear. I’m really speechless. Fireworks in my heart! Lots of love my dear! 🎆💜💜

Keep reading and writing friends. And do help me and guide me, and let me know what you feel about my writing. It really helps! Really! 😄😄

Lots of love to all.

Art Expedition

At the beginning of this week my dear friend Syeda published an article about our friendship and art collaboration.

Stunned and overwhelmed I furiously began thinking about how I could express my gratitude to her.

The solution was obvious: I had to paint something especially for her!

But what, I wondered.

I searched my brain and the internet for ideas and images concerning friendship but didn´t find anything that “clicked” into place. After which I began thinking about what Syeda, a woman of many interests and passions, likes.

That´s when I remembered one of the many Arwards she´s been nominated for lately, one of which was the Spirit Animal Award.

That´s when I knew what I was going to paint!

So, this one is for you Syeda, my wonderful friend – I hope you like it 🙂

P.S. She might not be aware of it, but by writing this article…

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