Colors of my bangles!


Adorning my wrists,
With colors all bright,
Sparkling glittering,
Made of glass or metals.

Tunes of music you create
As you strike one another,
Clinking with the hand’s moves,
A symphony without instruments!

Your colors sparkle,
In the blitzing lights,
You complete me,
Compliment by beauty.

Rhythm pulsating
through my veins
Catching his attention,
When he is engrossed.

Rich or poor, old or young,
You don’t ever discriminate,
In beautifying and enticing us,
Creating an opus, different for each!

P.S. This is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry. I love the beauty these colorful bangles add to our hands and attires. Indian and even Pakistani attire is just incomplete without these. The more the merrier, I prefer them that way!
Made of glass, or lac or metal, any kind, they are just beautiful. 💗💗
To garner the busy husband’s attention by deliberate clinking, brushing them to create a jingle for a crying baby or to make friends with a toddler guest, I find them so useful! 😍😋



18 thoughts on “Colors of my bangles!

  1. What a tribute to this kind of jewellery! 🙂 I love them too, but don´t wear them that often as they interfere to much when I´m drawing or painting. That´s why I prefer earrings, pendants or studs 🙂 But I always like to look at them 🙂

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