You live in my memories. . .

Holding my tender fingers,
You’d gaze at me smilingly,
Not a cry or whimper,
You’d let escape from my lips.

I wasn’t aware of these
Aunts and uncles told me!

I crawled and creeped
Drooling and dirty,
You’d pick me up,
Not caring about my soiled state.

I never knew this,
mom told me!


You held my hand,
Protected me with your arms,
You were always there,
Night or day!

I wasn’t told but,
I remember your soft smiles.

Diabetes turned you blind,
but you’d always feel my face and say,
I was the prettiest granddaughter of yours,
Kissing my forehead with boundless love.

I didn’t need to be told,
For I felt that immense love!

You’d sit and tell me,
That story for the umpteenth time,
When you decided to marry Grandma,
After you returned from the war.

“Your confident approach,
Her stringent standards,
Your adorable handsome face,
She had no reason to decline.”

I didn’t need to hear you,
I could see you blush!

And then one day,
You left me and her alone,
The sudden shock was hard for me,
I’ve never been a princess anymore.

I need you now, I want to see you.
I want to be told, I need to hear your voice.

But you’ve gone, never to return,
Living in my memories, breathing in my heart!

P.S. This is a poem dedicated to the most wonderful man I ever knew in my life, my grandfather, my Nana (Urdu/Hindi word for maternal grandfather)! He is the first person who told me that I should write and become an author someday. InshaAllah Baba I will.

Lion, I should thank you for this, I read your words and it inspired me for this! Thanks dear! 🙂
I would ask all of you to kindly pray for him. May Allah grant him and my grandma, all our elders, a high place in Jannah (Paradise). Aameen.

An emotional mood today!
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love and best wishes. Stay happy and blessed.



8 thoughts on “You live in my memories. . .

  1. What a beautiful poem – so full of love and respect. You have written a wonderful piece here, Syeda, and I am very thankful to your Nana for telling you to write and use that special talent. Very thankful indeed.
    Lots of love, my dear! xoxo

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