Has another blogger written about you?


Hello my lovely friends!

These days I’m picking up on prompts, so there was one on BlogHer, which I attempted!
Today’s prompt: Have you ever had another blogger write about you? How did you feel reading the post?

To read my post on it, check out the link below.

Please return back to this place and tell me about it! I’d love to hear from you all! Each one of you!

Sarah, here we go girl!!! :):)

Lots of love and best wishes for all!!



8 thoughts on “Has another blogger written about you?

  1. Ahhh, Syeda! I´m still in a happy daze 🙂 You article is the best thing I´ve had ever said about me – I wish I could give you an enormous hug, my dear!!! I feel so very blessed with our friendship and I am so, so happy that we´ve met here! Your words have moved me to (happy) tears and I am so awed with this lovely gift. Of course I´m going to reblog this post, but there´s a little something I want to do for you before, that should go along with it;) You´re one amazing woman and I hope very much that we will stay friends! Lots of love, gigantic hugs and small kisses on your cheeks – Sarah xoxo

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    1. Aww Sarah!! You have no idea how happy I felt while I was writing it down. You are a lovely person and I just said that what has been true. Not a single word was fiction 😉
      Really blessed to have a friend like you here. I feel honoured that I could give you a reason to smile and have tears of joy! We’ll always try to remain as friends dear. InshaAllah (If God wills) and I feel He wills ’cause that is the reason He made us meet.
      Lots of love and tight and huge hugs my dear! Keep inspiring me! Syeda. 😘😘💋💕

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      1. Ahh, no – you did it again: crying little tears of joy 😉
        But the smile on my face is sooo much bigger 😀
        I´m just developing a little surprise for you… hope it will work out! Will let you know if it does:)
        Lots of love from an overwhelmed muse;) xoxo

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  2. Reblogged this on Secret Art Expedition and commented:
    A truly wonderful thing has happened to me and I want you all to share it with me! 🙂
    My dear, dear friend Syeda wrote a lovely article about our friendship and our art collaboration! I´m still perfectly stunned by this! Please visit her marvellous blog and follow the link to the article she´s given!

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  3. Hi Syeda! just reblogged your wonderful post!! 🙂 My little surprise that I´ve planned for you must wait a bit though until I feel fit enough to sit at the easel;)

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    1. Hi Sarah. I’m glad you did that. I am learning to become a patient person these days, so don’t you worry. Take your time dear. Just get well soon! 🙂

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      1. Haha! Glad to hear it 🙂 But I hope you don´t have to wait so long after all – I couldn´t resist it today, and already started to work at it;) Have a wonderful evening, Syeda! xoxo

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      2. Great! Just take care of yourself. You too have a wonderful time! Lots of love and best wishes my dear! 🙂

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