Take a break!


O you, old piece,
All silent except,
The pendulum-ic beat.

Why do you race against me?

Dawn breaks darkness just
When my eyes have rested,
Exhaustion yet to discharge.

Why do you hate me so much?

Hours pass away
While I smile or laugh,
With the chores looming upon.

Why do you corner me all the time?

Slow down a bit,
For You deserve a break,
And I, a peaceful breath!

P.S. I just couldn’t let the day pass without today’s thought!
Mind is a mess today, words dancing before my eyes, yet not able to write. Don’t ask me why? If you know it…… don’t tell either! 😒🙅



11 thoughts on “Take a break!

  1. I feel you..I feel exactly the same.. I love that you expressed it beautifully in this poetry.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Made me feel a little less angry at the clock ticking away. 🙂


      1. Haha..you know you can’t stop time.Its Friday today & its supposed to be a day-off & rest day..but I looked back that where did the time go..I haven’t even relaxed a single minute yet 😦 sighhhss

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      2. Ohh! I really hope you have a peaceful weekend ahead.


  2. Time, it doesnt exist, yet it does.
    Beautiful poem 🙂

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  3. Another timeless piece!:)

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  4. We are fools and will remain as fools

    We are not concerned with this world,
    We are fools and will remain as fools,
    Our only job is to incite internal strife,
    For that, we always search new tools.

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  5. Wonderful post! Happy to connect 💕 Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 😄

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    1. Thank you so much! Same here!! 🙂
      I’ll surely check out yours. Thanks for visiting!!

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