We die again.


Yesterday was a holiday,
I asked mom to take me to the park.

She said, I’ve got work, some other day,
It was already getting too dark.

Dad came and I pestered him too,
And he’s such a sweetheart so I had not much to do.

We both ganged up, then mom had to agree,
They took me along, and I was in glee.

The park was filled with candies and balloons for children like me,
All on rides, playing around, smiles wherever you’d see.

Just in a moment, a loud sound was heard,
I saw nothing after that, except smoke and blood.

The darkness loomed over my eyes, I heard mom’s shrieks,
And the park had become a battlefield, destructed by freaks.

When I opened my eyes again, I was still holding the balloon given by dad,
Mom,dad and so many parents crying, all children like me far away and sad.

I called out but mom didn’t hear me at all,
In her arms I saw a bundle in shroud, covered all.

Then in an instant I knew why mom didn’t hear me and kept crying,
We’d become victims, as they keep attacking and we keep dying!!

** I always find it hard to write up something when there is an event of blasts and deaths. It’s hard to even think of what dreams and aspirations died there and were lost forever. France, Turkey, Brussels, Pakistan, Nigeria, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc etc. I guess on an average more than 1000 people die in a single day. Quite a record, no?

Yet, nothing makes me more angry than an attack on children. Innocent eyes, sparkling eyes, mischievous smiles, little questions, all quietened. They are ones which don’t even think of harming others. What kind of humans are these who don’t even see that they are killing children!
Don’t forget, killing an innocent is like killing mankind. How many times will mankind and humanity be abused and killed?



7 thoughts on “We die again.

  1. Indeed it is!! the whole world seems to be at it’s worse period of time….. War, corruption, seems to be so common this day’s…. As if we are all getting use to it….nways thanks for sharing

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts too! 🙂

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  2. Calling them humans who carry such acts is not right. They can’t be humans. They do look like humans but they certainly don’t act like one.

    I found out about the incident on Twitter. I was playing with my son (two and a half years old) and my mind went silent. I thought about all those parents who lost their cute kids and about those kids who lost their parents. Their lives will never ever be the same.

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    1. Yes, they are animals in the guise of humans. I mean even animals hunt only when they are hungry.
      Coincidentally, I too saw on Twitter and was shocked.
      I am a mother and a teacher, I’ve spent a lot of time with children, their little words and smiles have been part of my life. That makes me more emotional when it’s about children. 😢
      May the Almighty grant them all paradise. And enable the ones left behind to survive. Surely their lives will never be the same.

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  3. Check this out. I have nominated you for a blogger tag.


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    1. Congratulations to you and thanks for nominating me. I’d surely do it soon. 🙂


      1. Thank you.

        You deserve nomination dear ☺


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