If love is. . .


                     If love is an ocean,
Be careful before you plunge in!

                           If love is a fire,
None can come out unscarred.

           If love is a breeze,
It will soothen your soul.

                            If love is a twister,
It will uproot and whirl you around!

                      If love is a dream,
Cherish it forever in memories.

                                  If love is the sun,
Let your life be filled with its warmth.

              If love is a star,
Let it glisten your souls.

          If love is the sky,
Keep it rising limitless.

                                     If love is the ground,
Let it not be barren, but nurture blossoms.

                                                             If love is you,
Breathe and live in a haven of bliss!


8 thoughts on “If love is. . .

  1. And of course it’s all encompassing. Lovely.

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  2. Absolutely amazing and beautiful! You´ve said it all! 🙂

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    1. Thanks dear. I tried to find an answer but every comparison gave me new questions! 😉

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      1. Which seems to be the essence of life… But don´t worry, you´re on the right way I feel:)
        Do you celebrate Easter or something similar? If so: Happy Easter (or whatever else it might be;) )!! xoxo

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      2. Thanks for making me believe that I’m going right.
        Well, I don’t celebrate Easter but yes, as a Muslim, I do believe in the Prophet Jesus and his ascent above. 🙂
        Same wishes to you my dear!

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