Spreading smiles!


It takes nothing to spread a smile,
     Except that all troubles vanish for a while.
The little upward curve on a face,
     Can wipe away the wrinkles given by a difficult phase.
The soft movement of lips and dents forming dimple,
     Can suddenly make life look bright and simple.

A smile on a naughty face is infectious,
     While one on the angered face looks malicious.
Beautifying an old face, it leaves a soothing effect,
     They forego and forget life’s every defect.
On the face of a youthful, energized guy,
     It could show how love makes one shy!

On the face of a young and awestruck girl,
     It shows how a heart flutters and moves in whirl.
The smile on the face of an innocent child,
     Shows his feelings, all tender and mild.
The smile of a teacher or a mother,
     Can make tasks easier those seemed harder.

Smile, for the world needs more happiness around,
     Spread it, so we can live, in a world, which wants us to drown!

Spreading happiness and smiles around!!
Lots of love!



14 thoughts on “Spreading smiles!

  1. Smile is something that makes ur worries….leave u but in this mechanical world we seems to so lost in our works that we have even forgot to smile…..nways beautiful pinned down….😊


      1. Not about idealism brother, I meant people and our behavior; contentment and desires; hardships as tests; life as an examination. It is important to spread smiles and peace and love etc, when people are becoming selfish, self centered and nafs/ego is taking control in the minutest matters!
        Reality is what a Muslim/Muslimah has to always be aware of. Can’t deviate from that. I hope I’m right in my vision. 🙂

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