The torn humanity


The hurricane of hatred is spiraling,
Gushing and rushing towards the world.
The people will get divided again
More ill feelings spreading and engulfing.

That’s exactly what they want to do,
Make us all become blind to their evil plans
All in the name of region, religion, race and color,
They keep driving the wedge between us.

Just become humans before we segregate,
Unification of the human clan is vital
Before we become one of the extinct tribe,
Politics is the game and we are just reduced to pawns!

With lots of pain and sadness, my heart reaches out to those innocent lives which were deprived of living, at Brussels and everywhere where souls were wringed out of the bodies! 😥



5 thoughts on “The torn humanity

    1. Yes, the sad truth we are facing!

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  1. Extremely thoughtful yet beautifully pen down Syeda 🙂
    Yes Indeed! Humanity seems to lost its track…….Today we ofen judge each other on the base of religion, cast, race, culture,…….and the list goes on….. the whole society is being categorize via our social status…..well! the simple truth is “Money is now holding our Weight”


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    1. Yes, a bitter truth of the society! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, dear!

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