Me and my Mind!


Me: Oh my dear, will you let me sleep tonight? 🙄

Mind: Mmmmmm!!! 😒

Me: Cmon! I need some rest. Haven’t slept well last night either! 😳

Mind: Eh! Is it? 😕

Me: Please! Promise me! I need some sound sleep! :'(😴

Mind: OK baby, lie down! 🙌

Me: Oh thank you my dear! **lying on the bed** 😍😘

Me: I think I’ll fall asleep now! Thanks!! *grinning  innocently* :mrgreen:

Mind *grinning broader than me*: No sweetheart! 😁😁 Don’t even think of it!
That reminds me, let’s think of a new article or poem! How about a new story! How about this guy, and this girl……….. Blah…blah…… 😎😎

Me: Oh no! Not today! *eyes wide open and thoughts running into a story!😱😰😧*


2 thoughts on “Me and my Mind!

  1. I always get my best ideas for blogposts right before I go to bed. They’re usually pretty good, but still annoying when I want to sleep!

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    1. Exactly. And living in a family, I end up talking to myself while the others sleep and I can’t even switch on the lights! 😒

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