“Mommm!!” I shouted as I entered the house. Throwing my bag on the bed, I pulled out my blue jeans and the white sleeveless T-shirt.

It was perfect in this hot and sweltering summer. Allowing my skin to feel a little free without the cover of cloth or fabric. Summer was at its peak these days in the town. Well, it was the same throughout the nation.

Rushing into the bathroom for a quick shower, I threw the jeans on the door. I opened the tap and let the water fall into the blue bucket with force. Most of my things were blue. Well it was my favorite color and mother always preferred to buy my things of that color.
Peeling off the shirt, then the school uniform trousers down my legs and the vest over my head, I picked up the mug and filled it with the water in the bucket. I poured it over my body. The first mug was usually cooler water and it made goosebumps rise on my skin. I shivered for a moment and then as I kept pouring mug after mug, I was feeling as though the water was cooling down all my sweat glands. I splashed water on my face and hair, it soothed my body in an instant.

I quickly pulled down the towel and wiped off the water on my body. I stepped aside and wore my jeans. I had to wear it inside because anytime my sister could enter the room. The latch to my door had broken and mom was too busy to get someone to repair it.

Rolling the T-shirt over my head, I pulled it down below the waist and let it loose out. I didn’t want to tuck it in. Just no time. I had to go and show mom. I had to share it with her! I pulled out my slippers and rushed out of the room. All was in a mess, but I could put it straight later. The first priority now was to look for mom and tell her. I pulled it out of the bag.

I looked into the kitchen, she wasn’t there. I looked everywhere, but she wasn’t there. My little heart broke is despair. I wanted mother to be here, I had to tell her and showed her how I had worked hard. I walked into the kitchen again to drink some cool water. I approached the refrigerator. There was a simple small note in mom’s handwriting.

Larry dear,
I’m going to the nearby grocery shop to get the ingredients for the dinner. Grandma is asleep. Don’t bother her, she isn’t feeling well today.
Will be back soon.

I knew mom would be back soon. But I was so eager to show mom my achievement, my hard work, my dream-come-true! 

And now that I knew Grandma wasn’t well, I couldn’t make her sit and listen to me. I walked towards the door of the house which I had closed as I had rushed in. I walked out of the door, and sat on the steps. Still holding it close to my heart, I felt sad at my misfortune. Today I had learned it and there was no one to share it with!

I sat on the steps, the people walking in all directions. All busy, all occupied, all lost in their own worlds. I slowly raised it to my lips. And let the air from my lungs escape through my lips, enliven it with music. My flute started making sound, soft musical sound. My practice everyday was showing results. Every day I would stay back with my music teacher to practice more and learn it soon. To make mom proud of me.

And today when I had learnt to play a soft melody on it, I wanted to make mom hear me play it! But she wasn’t around and I was desperate to play.
My eyes softly closed as I remembered my teacher’s words.

Larry, music needs to come from the soul, from within. You may use instruments to create it, but it is born from deep within. Every part of your body should connect with the flute for a soulful piece to be created and touch another soul.

Suddenly, I opened them, when I felt a slight sound of feet from in front of me. I saw her. She was sitting and listening to me play the music. She keenly sat and observed me play it. As though my symphony was touching her soul. She was silent, unafraid, undeterred by the others walking around her. She sat there watching me with those dark green glinting eyes.

Just then I heard mom’s voice.
Oh there you are Larry! She said, walking towards me. She smiled as she saw me with the flute at my lips. Her eyes passed over on her.
Looks like I am late and you got yourself an audience and a fan…. In….. Her!! She teased pointing her fingers towards her.

There she was, still and silent, watching me with eager eyes, as though waiting for me to begin.

Go on! She wants to hear more from you! Mom said and sat by my side. I played the flute for my first member of audience, the little black and white cat!