Death in my arms.


Is there anything more painful than this?
To carry the love of your life in Death’s kiss!

The hands once warm and soft, as they caressed,
Today in my loving arms, lying so lifeless!

The pain in my heart, as though its squeezed,
Hard within my ribcage, it beats but all life’s ceased!

My desire for revenge now is aflame,
Each drop of her blood, I’ll avenge, death of my dame!



4 thoughts on “Death in my arms.

  1. WoW! This is stunning! Love, death, revenge – makes me somehow think of Shakespeare´s Romeo&Juliet!

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    1. Oh! I had mafia and guns in mind 😉

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      1. Well, if you take the film version with Leonardo DiCaprio that´s pretty much it;)

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      2. Interesting casting Sarah 😉

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